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    2008 hino 268 no power rpm surging!! Help

    Hi haven’t posted in a long time i an having a issue on a 2008 hino 268 have no check engine or codes the truck lost power and you start accelerating the truck surges and you floor it and it wont go i do have an ABS light on was givinv R wheel sensor circuit changed that Now i get 2-2 and its...
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    Mechanical Regen issues

    Hi i know this is a hino thread i have a 2012 UD 2600 it doesn't have the j08 engine but the regen is flashin and the soot level is high I've done the manual regen and the exhaust temp lights flashes any idea on what could it be ?
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    Ud 2600 ecu question

    Hello i was wondering if the 2008-2010 hino 268 ecu would fit my 2008 UD 2600 ? I know they share the same engine but i think UD blocked the ecu so only there software computer could diagnose the truck ?