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  1. Spedz13


    I am not going to go into details but before applying to any job run your PSP ( Pre-Employment Screening Program - Let's Get Started ) your dac (DAC Report, DAC Employment History File | HireRight ) and MVR may cost you a little but you will not be thrown any surprises like I was....When you...
  2. Spedz13

    V3 Solo?

    I got offered a job today (still holding out for Landstar) but we all need a backup plan.......Drive truck til 31st of Dec sign the truck over to me.....but can u make it at V3 as a solo I worked for them as a team and starved a little but I know that is a time of season sometimes.....anyone...
  3. Spedz13

    Hello From Kentucky

    Hello, Been lurking here for a long time reading just never created a account been driving expedited off and on since 2013 and currently applying at Landstar for a O/O :)