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    Doordashing in down time?

    This may be a stupid question, I tried searching but couldn't find anything. Other than Turtle talking about how he does it staying home now, so maybe you have some thoughts on it. Is there any reason why you couldn't door dash if you're just sitting waiting for a load in a sprinter...
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    How to find a team driver?

    I'm looking to get back into expediting for class B straight truck. I posted in the classifieds looking for a team mate but wanna know if there's any other options? If you call the carriers is that something they usually help with? Btw from South Carolina, do not need home time aside from...
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    How realistic is getting to planet fitness regularly as a straight truck team?

    I've been getting into working out and exercising a lot lately as I've been away from trucking for a few years, and I wanna get back to it now things are returning to normal from covid but I want to avoid the sedetary lifestyle as much as I can. Planet fitness definitely seems like the best...
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    Better times to go back to expediting? (Straight truck)

    I was planning on going back to expediting earlier this year, looking for spot in straight truck for a fleet owner, and then covid happened. So I decided to wait. Things have seemed to.... stabilize sorta. Things seem a bit busier. Soo.... Hows freight?
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    Model years of promasters/transits to avoid?

    Looking to buy a van soon. 3500 long and tall. I know the first few years of both of these had a few notorious problems. If I get something....2018 or newer? Have most of these issues been resolved? If it was you what would be your minimum year? This is a very generic question, obviously my...
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    Everything I need to start my expediting business?

    Currently working for fleet owner, planning on getting started as an owner operator around February or March. My thinking behind that is it lets me build up my money, credit will grow some, and most important some of the more reputable companies will most likely be planning for an increase in...
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    Tips for driving a straight truck on snow and ice?

    I'm in a freightliner straight truck with a sleeper and this season will be my first time driving in winter for the most part. I had a few snow drives in my 4 months of TT but nothing that changed the roads. Also I'm from coastal South Carolina, we don't do snow. So in a nutshell I'm nervous...
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    Promaster deer gaurd/front trailer hitch?

    Does anyone know of a deer gaurd that also doubles as a hitch so I could mount a generator to the front? If not are there multiple spots on the frame where I could attach a deer gaurd and hitch separately? Or do I have to choose one or the other? I can always get a swing mount for the back...
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    Anyone go from van to straight truck? looking for advice.

    I had about 4 months exp in a TT when i decided i didnt like it. it was definitely due to the sheer size of what i was driving. So i got into van expediting. Did that for about a year with breaks in between. Now ive decided to give straight trucks a try, driving for an owner of course...
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    What's needed to run for different brokers/carriers?

    This is purely out of curiosity. Seems like when you sign on to a major carrier like panther, landstar express, V3, etc, you are under their authority and sign something saying you won't run loads for any other carrier (because you're using their insurance, dot and ein numbers, etc) So what...
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    Buying used PM with 330k miles?

    So, im looking into buying a used promaster 3500 ext high roof. There isnt many for sale in my area, i will have to travel some ways to check some out, and with that said i want to be pre financed by a bank so dealers dont see im from away and try to take advantage. From what im finding out...
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    Buying a van, wait until after July?

    So been planning on getting back into expediting as owner op of promaster 3500. I have about a year driving for owners so i know the ropes. Just wanna get some input, if you were where i am would you wait until the slow month of july is over with since its so close anyway? Currently im making...
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    Never get blown off the road with "windy"

    Found out about this great app called windy. Gives color coating of the map to show how fast the wind is blowing and where. Great addition to your weather apps to avoid being hit with 40+mph winds.
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    Question about promaster 2500 or 3500 with 12' length cargo area

    I wanted to get the 3500 extended with the 13' and some change length but due to little credit/not having a co signer, i can not afford this one because i cant find any used for sale within 500 miles. Only new ones for 36-42k. But there are plenty of 2500 and 3500 159" wheelbase with the 12'1.9"...
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    Best small generator that will fit between van wheel wells?

    Im going to install aux batteries with an inverter that ill run a 700-1000watt portable ac unit from. As i learned from you guys, that will drain my batteries way too fast. So im looking for a small generator that i can attach to the batteries and run when im running the ac unit (or just to...
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    how to attach e track (van)?

    So, if i have my plywood floor attached with self tapping screws into the floors crossmembers, whats the best way to go about attaching the e track properly? Im not the most knowledgeable when it comes to construction type stuff. Ill just fire off a bunch of questions i have about it....Are...
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    A few tax questions

    Planning on becoming O/O with a promaster. Been working for fleet owners so I know the business. I have a few questions on the taxes.... They have to do with the mileage deduction....looks like last year it was 53.5cpm can be written off. Do I need to form a LLC to claim this deduction or...
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    E track on roof of sprinter?

    Is there any reason i couldnt do this? My idea is so i can use two of the e track load locks run them vertically to seriously block the cargo from sliding forward.
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    Putting down insulation before plywood floor of van?

    What i would like to do is cut thick insulation board and use adhesive spray to put inbetween the floors cross members and have them be slightly taller than the crossmembers. Then use spray foam insulation to cover the cross members and everywhere else. When it cures trim in down to be level...
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    Can i screw into the floor of promaster in the front floor?

    Not sure if itll work or not but id like to remove the passenger seat and screw 90 degree braces into the floor and to a refrigerator to hold it in place there Will i be able to do this? If not whats other options to sucure a mini fridge to the front flooring? Id also like to attach a...