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    Test Your Reaction Time

    so am I
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    Great college football this weekend

    Another good game will be ND & Penn State
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    Lets Go Steelers

    Here in the STEAL-City we take great pride in the STEELERS! BTW the STEELERS get points anyway they can. At the end of the game the team with the most get the win. Some say it's the luck of the Irish. Like the movie Angles in the outfield, we have leprechauns in the backfield. Eat your hearts...
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    Creating new ID's to flame someone!

    Another way to stop all this BS is to turn on the IP feature so the users can check to see who or where the poster is coming from. IP addresses are not a secret, and no one can really do anything with an IP address anyway. It will tell where the post was made, so if a person is being flamed he...
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    Creating new ID's to flame someone!

    >I hope you have a script for cross checking the IPs -or- a >lot of time on your hands. :) We have the means & time! To go one step further because we know our poster and most of their behavior patterns it is rather simple to go through the list of users we suspect and low-and-behold their...
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    Fav. Sports Teams?

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    Censorship of the EO Forums! That is the headline of today's post. MOD T said: We don't censor the boards, but when someone decides to make a fool of themselves it is our duty to protect the boards from foolishness. Like Dreamer said it's for the good of the forum. Ya you may disagree now, but...
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    Bush Press Conference/8/21/06

    >OMG----Thank you, thank you, thank you.... > >(Tony, more people that think like me....LOL) > > >-mcbride- >--What goes around comes around-- I know, that's scares me!!! LOL
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    New Moderator, New forum!

    T Welcome aboard! If you have any questions or need any help on the Mod thing feel free to ask. What ever you do right wrong or indifferent I'm in your corner. Again welcome aboard!
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    Welcome all new FedEx CC O/O and driver's

    Biffee This is the second post I read you attacking DM. I also read the post you started about Panther cutting on the dispatchers. It doesn't work that way. We will not put up with a new member being negative, out the door. One must give respect to earn it. It's not about being childish or...
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    Time for an update for FECC

    biffee First off let me welcome you to the EO Forums. Secondly let me give you a warning and/or advise. You just became a member here on this site yesterday. Don't come to us selling wolf cookies cause we're not buying them. If you don't have nice things to say don't say anything. Gain...
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    Real Football Starts September 2nd...

    Your a funny guy Leo!
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    Why are people so RUDE to others

    > Mr. Mc Cord and >the Mod Squad are great. See! That’s what I mean about you Dave, your outlook and the respect you have for others. Who or why worry about grammar and spelling this late in the game. I guess the jealous party had nothing better to say. LM's head was big enough! After...
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    Why are people so RUDE to others

    David I'm really sorry there's a member on this site doing things like this to you. For as long as I've been a member of EO I made a commitment to myself and all the members as long as I could I would not let one member insult another. I will make sure the right people (but knowing them as I...
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    I really want to know!

    > In the interest of encouraging anyone who may be worried >that their question is a dumb one, I'm asking what may well >be the dumbest question ever posted: The dumbest question in the history of EO is the question no one ask. Maybe you are embarrassed or won't ask thinking members will...
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    I too would like to know the names of the people in the photo. Maybe each member in the photo would please ID themself so we who didn't have the chance to meet you at least know your face. Thanks in advance
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    I support Israel attacks on Gaza and Lebanon

    RE: Hmmmm >If you guys are tying to say you believe that the .GOV >destroyed any of the buildings (#1, 2, or 7) on Sept 11th my >input in this thread is over. Aviator I sat here and read each of the replies in this thread. Even though I have my beliefs, I stand as a neutral party in this...
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    I support Israel attacks on Gaza and Lebanon

    Tell me you don't know what happened to WTC 7 Alex Jones has just one of the takes on this story: Larry Silverstein intentionally demolished WTC7. Watch it fall:
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    EO Forum is censored now?

    Is this the post you are talking about? It must be, as you replied to it and may be looking to see if anyone replied to your reply. I don't know of anyone removing any of the P2 threads. To answer your question YES! posts do get removed, but not for any of the...
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    I'm Back

    That didn't take long! Glad to see you were able to stay on track. Welcome back! And good luck in your new adventure.