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  1. cheri1122

    New rule for Hazmat cert.

    As of July, anyone applying for the required fingerprint/background check for a Hazmat endorsement is required to document the reason their current name does not match the name on their birth certificate. This would mostly be due to marriage and/or divorce, and mostly apply to women, but it...
  2. cheri1122

    GPS nuvi problem

    Has anyone else had a problem with their Garmin Nuvi [mine is a 2555] randomly displaying a frozen speedometer & miles to next turn, and both the bottom corner options limited to 3 choices: direction of travel, time of day, elevation? I want to choose time for the left one, but I want 'miles to...
  3. cheri1122

    Driver weather alert for SC

    I 95 is shut down between 20 & 26, due to flooding. Also, parts of 77 are underwater - if your route takes you into the state, check the conditions before you go.
  4. cheri1122

    Relentlessly [and of course, anonymously] stupid Check out the Gofundme link - the widowed mother of 4 who received the note hoped for $5000 to add more rainbow whimsy to her yard - it's past $42,000 already. :p
  5. cheri1122

    It's what you don't know

    when you assume, that makes you look pretty bad. I can see a whole lot of people who would have disapproved of this little boy, [and his parents] without knowing anything more than what they saw...
  6. cheri1122

    Sad news

    I just leaned of the death yesterday of our own Judy Avery/Pelicn, and I'm not ready to accept it. Judy was someone I admired a lot, and while I knew she was fighting cancer, she seemed to be beating the monster. EO and the world are sadder, without her.
  7. cheri1122

    Makes ya wonder.... How many people thanked this one for his service, lol. Just saying: they're not all heroes, same as any group isn't all it's cracked up [or talked down] to be. So thank one at random, [or diss them, if you prefer], but know you might be...
  8. cheri1122

    Speaking of substandard education... It is a crime that this kind of misinformation is passed off as "education" these days. If you really want to reduce STDs, you start by increasing real education on the subject, and if...
  9. cheri1122

    Medical recert craziness!

    Last week was the first time I had to choose a doc from the registry, and it was an eye opener [literally, lol]. I picked one in Louisville that was away from downtown, where most are concentrated, because I was in the truck. Probably better done when home, with access to a 4 wheeler, if...
  10. cheri1122

    "I'm entitled to my beliefs, so you're required to be ruled by them" Where will it end? When anyone and everyone's "religious beliefs" are required to be honored by everyone else? Louisiana...
  11. cheri1122

    The Company You Keep

    Ok, calling it a "Hate Summit" is overkill, [but not by much!], but since they no longer use the "values" label in campaigns, it's up for grabs. I don't think I've ever seen such a list of crazy statements, misrepresentations, and outright lies being taken seriously by alleged adults. It...
  12. cheri1122

    Frost laws

    Does anyone know of a map that shows the streets/roads under frost law restrictions? I tried the Michigan .gov site, they have lists of them, if you click on the county, which is great if you're local, but doesn't help if you don't know where they are. [Aside: why do road signs also assume you...
  13. cheri1122

    Evil has a face - ok, two of them

    And their names are Koch. Addicting Info ? Koch Brothers Group Caught Blatantly Lying To Voters About Voter Registration In West Virginia What?s Up, Wisconsin?: Is the Koch-Funded Americans for Prosperity Playing Dirty Tricks with Voters in the Badger State? | JONATHAN TURLEY Voter Fraud...
  14. cheri1122

    Would this apply to a Catholic nun?

    Georgia judge jails Muslim woman for wearing headscarf to court | Law | The Guardian Interesting question: would the judge order a nun to remove her head covering?
  15. cheri1122

    I'm really looking forward to this one!

    Addicting Info ? Pope Francis Says He Wants To Address Joint Session Of Congress, Republicans Should Be Terrified It's gonna be real, lol. If anyone had told me a couple years ago that I would truly admire a Catholic Pope, I wouldn't have believed it - but I truly admire this one.
  16. cheri1122

    North Korea wuz framed, lol

    No, North Korea Didn?t Hack Sony - The Daily Beast I believe him - but why don't the government 'experts' know this stuff? Or is it just another distraction, and they don't care because: North Korea.
  17. cheri1122

    Needs to be said, apparently

    12 Things That Only The Working Poor Truly Understand | If You Only News It was the overdraft fees that usually did it for me. I didn't know the bank would debit everything first, then add any credits, so whatever checks I wrote [groceries, usually] on the same day I deposited money would...
  18. cheri1122

    End of the year chore

    One of my late December chores is to update all my 'contact' info, [phone numbers, addresses, emails], and I want to update the Load 1 list too, but I don't know if the info [on the sticky] is correct. Does it need updated too? :confused:
  19. cheri1122

    Hey buddy, can you spare a card?

    For a 5 year old boy with a brain tumor? Quinn's mom is a friend of my daughter, and she says he loves nothing more than getting cards from "faraway places". [He lives in Brook Park, Ohio, so to him, Toledo is a faraway place, lol]. You can check out his smiling mug on his facebook page, Hope...
  20. cheri1122

    Scumbag of the week

    Reading about Rick Scott, & HCA is absolutely nauseating. This cretin is admired and held up as an example of a "successful" businessman! [Only if the business involves cheating, lying, and fraud.] Equally disgusting is the current series in the Miami Herald about hospitals charging 'trauma...