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    Electric Ford Transit on the horizon.
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    Transit upgrades?

    2020 Ford Transit van gets new engines, AWD and even more features - Roadshow
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    Cargo Van A new ssyvto make money in a van, perhaps????

    Why the legal cannabis industry loves the Ford Transit van
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    Long and tall van drag races....

    Ford Transit Drag Races VW Crafter, Mercedes Sprinter For Fun
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    Cargo Van Too good to be true?

    2014 Freightliner Sprinter 3500 Cargo, 14k miles only, Original Owner
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    Cargo Van Rogers, Mn T/A...

    Good morning..... I love a T/A and Petro. They make me feel welcome. Their facilities are usually hospitable and clean, including the restrooms. Parking lots are usually kept up in all ways, unlike the Flying Pilots. Van expeditors are generally a quiet, neat and clean type of people...
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    Transit driveshaft issue.

    A friend of mine who has a Transit asked me to post this picture of his Transits driveshaft doohickey that someone mentioned in an earlier thread about these going bad. This has 61,000 miles on it. After he read someone mentioning about this problem, he crawled under his Transit to inspect and...
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    Does low paying loads affect you're attitude/work ethic?.

    I was wondering as I drove through the night and was listening to a few drivers talk on the c.b. about rates, and how inconsistent they are, when one driver chimed in, and said, "if they want expedite service, they'd better pay me for it"...another added, " they are going to get the kind of...
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    Is there a Espar alternative?

    Just wondering, why hasn't Webasto been as strong in the market as Espar is? Does anyone own a Webasto? Care to share the experience? Quality? Dependability and cost? Service? Are there any other brands as well out there? Thinking of a replacement soon.
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    Transmission flush: Possible problems afterwards?

    So I am in Franklin, Ky, and after the Wal-Mart run I decide to stop at this transmission shop close by, to see how much they charge to do a transmission flush, and what all is included. $225.00, he says, but since it hasn't been done in like 175,000 miles to the best of my knowledge, (Van had...
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    Promaster van pricing announced

    Chrysler Group, LLC announced that pricing for the Ram ProMaster lineup will start at $26,030 plus destination for cutaway model, with pricing escalating to the mid $30,000 range at the high end of the three-model lineup. Aside from the cutaway, the ProMaster will be offered as a chassis cab and...
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    Is anyone planning on attending the Detroit auto show this January?

    It would be nice to get a bunch of drivers together and try to agree on a date that the crowd will be the smallest,And go in one vehicle there.Any ideas? It is January 14-27th
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    Slushbusters? Where can I get them?

    Bought them last year from J.C.Whitney, but they do not carry them anymore.E-bay doesn't have them, any one know where I can get them?
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    A 4 cylinder diesel Sprinter?

    I just read, a little behind in my reading, in the May issue of Light and Medium Truck magazine, In the story titled "On The Exhibit Floor", Claus Tritt, General manager of Daimler vans, LLC, stated the introduction of a 4 cylinder diesel Sprinter and a new transmission in 2013.The reason was...
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    polyurethane on wood floor.

    Okay, so I Polyurethaned the wood floor using oil-based clear.It stunk, as can be expected.Dad told me use water-based next time.I want to sand the floor down, and redo it, to freshen it up a bit.So my question is this: Will water-based be as durable as oil-based? will it chip, flake, peel...
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    August location

    What is this?? 5:30 am on the 1st, and no one started the new thread? What a bunch of slackers!!!:D:D:D:D
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    Synthetic oil/What is the correct weight oil to use?

    So now I have a gasser, and am looking to do as many improvements to it as possible to get the best mpg out of it.The oil filler cap says 5w20 on it for the oil weight to be used.But wanting to try synthetic, as I am told will improve mpg's and extend oil life, do I use the same, 5w20, or go...
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    What can we do to make it easier for dispatchers?

    Read a story in a Magazine from dispatchers point of view, and it brought back some memories of when I used to dispatch as a fill-in back in 89. What can we do to make it easier for them? I know it gets frustrating waiting for a load, sometimes days on end,but I feel the more we call and bug...
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    Inconsiderate van parking-why?

    I noticed at the Pilot in Syracuse 3 vans parked right in front of the building all night long.2 more at the J in Corfu.If they were handicapped, I understand.If it was a short term thing, I understand.But to make it a camping spot all day and night is just plain rude and inconsiderate.This kind...
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    What are you thankful for, and why?

    The holiday season is upon us,and there is so much to be thankful for, even the small things we take for granted each and everyday. I may complain about the lack of room in the van, but then I see a homeless person sleeping under a bridge and think to myself that I could be like that myself...