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    Funniest/strangest name you found?

    During your time driving what's the funniest weirdest or strangest name of business or town you have found? Ex Hell Michigan, Shartlesville Pennsylvania Sent from my iPhone using EO Forums
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    Dream truck setup

    What's your dream setup if budget and fuel cost weren't an issue? As many details as you wanna give let em rip
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    Favorite skyline in driving?

    Which skyline is your favorite and why? Could be mountains, plains, cityscapes or other. Y'all know the deal comment down below. To start off my favorite is probably Chicago at night because it's amazing to see coming from little Berea Kentucky.
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    Sprinter Engine Swap

    So in my normal life I'm really into cars, in the automobile world engine swaps are extremely common. Lots and lots of cars and trucks have ended up with a small block Chevy under its hood. My car is how difficult would it be to replace the engine on a sprinter that's had a terminal engine...
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    Forum Game

    I've been here for over a year now and have noticed that this forum/community/group/gathering has no forum game. Like Ragman always has a funny picture, turtle always reply, and LOS alway has a smile. Anyone have any tips tricks or comments about a game we could play?
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    Your First Movie

    What was the first movie you went to see in theater? Any back story you'd like to share would be cool too. My first movie at a theater was The Nitemare before Christmas in 1993. My dad took me to a showing after school. Still a cool movie
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    April Locations

    I'm on the Lexington Ky board sitting behind a guy in a sprinter. Hop to get a load tonight or tomorrow morning.
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    Tri State!

    Hey anybody at Tri State? I mean it seems we have one of the weaker presents on here of any company. I mean bolts even rocking out a solid member lol. If y'all are here post and make your present's felt like the FedEx CC or load 1 guys and gals!!! Tri State fever!!
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    Which Size Gas Engine?(Cargo Van)

    Hey guys and gals I was wondering what size y'all run? Im not looking for a GM/Ford debate, I just wanna know if the GM people run the 4.8 or the 6.0 and if the ford folks run the 4.6 or 5.4? Or do you run the diesels that you can run in a cargo? What are your impressions of each, do you have a...
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    Good Deal?

    Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2500 170"WB | eBay I personally think this is a good deal even if it is a 2012 leftover model. Just wonder if anyone has thoughts on it? Or is looking for a replacement.:confused:
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    Cube Van/Pesky Penske money maker?

    Can you make money off one of the cube van pesky penske trucks running it legally? I ask because Ive been thinking of buying that's sitting at a local car lot. thought hey this might work for a little extra income or if all else fails make it into a wicked cool stealth camper on the cheap lol...
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    Adding another Van/Sprinter

    Ive been driving a 144 sprinter for a while now with what I consider good success. Yes Ive had slow weeks and weeks where it seems I never stop lol. My question concern purchasing another van. I have an opportunity to purchase a 07 freightliner 170 ext from the same dealer I purchased my...