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  1. BobWolf

    2014 International 4300 Box truck

    Whats the history on the units? 150-170 K seems awfully low mileage to sell anything Diesel. Sure the mileage looks good but how many service or engine hours are on it? That makes all the difference because 150 170 K in a major city is exponentially different than all highway. You could have...
  2. BobWolf

    Cold calling for loads

    With a 16 foot NPR I would recommend working for a local delivery company that's how I started out and I still trade work with them today. Most local delivery outfits prefer trucks like that as they are ideal for parcel and skid work, and they will work on most docks. If you have interstate...
  3. BobWolf

    //// Insurance Issues ..... sigh ////

    Wow... It sounds like you are screwed, you have way too many insurance claims and issues with DOT for being in business for only 2 years. A word of warning in mind that the FMCSA is cracking down on "shadow carriers",Those that get shut down and start back up under different names or buy other...
  4. BobWolf

    //// Insurance Issues ..... sigh ////

    Big Stick Jr said it best. Short, sweet, and to the point. Unfortunately you are probably going to have to eat the excrement sandwich. Because your damages and violations are all 100% driver error and avoidable you might have to shut down probably for at least 2 - 3 years until the insurance...
  5. BobWolf


    How is this Trumps fault, and did you at least stretch before making that snap and leap? Not warming up properly can lead to a pulled muscle, and if your middle aged like me or an old guy a back injury. Do you really think all the hate and venom the 24/7 propaganda outlets continuously spew...
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  7. BobWolf

    Questions about pallet pullers

    The better ones have diamond shaped knurled square or rectangle jaw pads, they grip the pallet better and are less likely to slip or split a damaged or cheaply made pallet. They are not cheap but worth the money. Use a grade 80 or higher chain.
  8. BobWolf

    Multi Carrier

    I might come across as a harsh douchebag but it makes my brain detonate when people run under the radar and cheap.
  9. BobWolf

    Multi Carrier

    $.85 - $1.00 a mile, are you kidding me? NO WAY!! I wont even sit in the seat and make driving sounds for that chump change. You should be running for twice that either you are running illegal or your allowing other carriers to screw you. I won't touch anything for less than $2.00 for every mile...
  10. BobWolf


    The mail bomber, Pittsburgh, next Its a planned event supported by the left and heavily promoted by the news media. Everyone in network news should be charged and convicted of hate crimes.
  11. BobWolf

    On board recorder for OBD2

    Thanks for the info. I checked out the site and It looks good its 00:42 eastern so I will try calling tomorrow or Monday.
  12. BobWolf

    End of the Maple Leaf...

    What I find disturbing are the trucking websites that have articles on cannabis and driving trucks, while the report states federal law still and hopefully forever will prohibit cannabis use, the states that have legalized recreational use are enacting laws PROHIBITING businesses from...
  13. BobWolf

    Chicken tax

    Five bucks worth of plastic to avoid a couple grand of taxes and tariffs? Pure stick it to the man genius!!!
  14. BobWolf

    Lab grown hamburgers are here, well soon anyway.

    HELL NO!! Considering the estrogenic effects that soy has on mammals. Elevated estrogen results in various cancers especially breast cancer. Why do you think there is a marked increase in breast cancer in men in the past 15 years? Its because soy and processed vegetable protein has infiltrated...
  15. BobWolf

    Almost ready for the road.

    At the end of the day I actually make better money making shorter regional runs. Done right you can make decent money and be home nightly 90% of the time.
  16. BobWolf

    Should I stay or Should I go?

    I agree with treadmill. Expedited is like that. One week your waiting and insanely bored, then you are humping nonstop the next week hoping to keep up. Look around and find out how many other vans are in the area if its saturated watch the van count. Remember other drivers are likely going to...
  17. BobWolf

    I'm Back.

    I did visit still incognito. I just stayed quiet.
  18. BobWolf

    On board recorder for OBD2

    I recently picked up a Chevy express 16 foot Areocell van. Its just over 12000 lbs GVW so I will be required to install an EOBR. Everything I found so far is for larger trucks and require a data contract. Since I am home every night my DOT contact has told me that I can use my time card but I...
  19. BobWolf

    I'm Back.

    Long time no post. I was working for a dedicated customer that required me to limit my online presence. Anyway I'm back.