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  1. wombat52

    come on guys currently

    Come on guys currently off the road due to repairs I am bored so decided to clean up our yard at taylor but four bags of trash. And still not even half finished and 7 pee bottle's and various other items respest the man property and what about the new complex ?there is trash cans everywhere and...
  2. wombat52

    guess it works for rodney why not

    well the other day rodney started a post and he got replys to his question so i thought see if i am as lucky being i am sitting sitting & sitting and i am not whinning lol or complainting here in wonderful NJ i asked a long time ago in may post , so who this vince lombadi guy is he a mayor of...
  3. wombat52

    ok just wondering

    ok just a few quick things well one only , .... why do you drive trucks ? I drive them for love yes money as well but the real reason is because this is all I know to climb up in a pete,mack,freightliner.kenworth Volvo or a hino I can be feeling lousy but once I enter the cabin of any...
  4. wombat52

    No parking list

  5. wombat52

    I did it wow i am a owner again

    Well after a long 8 months or so i can now very proudly say i am a owner operator again & to say i am rap would be the understatement of the year i am more than rap it is like wow that once again i can live my dream of being a owner of a great truck & show,s me dreams does come true if you...
  6. wombat52

    well it now fixed

    well after having trouble with my girl starting it & the apu as well & a slight diesel leak that was proving very hard to find even dealerships could not find it wow i deadheaded up to detroit to diesel services in dearborn heights . & without a single doubt in my mind from this moment onwards ...
  7. wombat52

    happy news i want to share

    well in life you go on always hoping to meet that very special person , well months ago this special person finally walked into my life . yes i been down this road before . but this time i truly know that this lady is without a doubt the one i been searching for all my life my SOUL MATE i want...
  8. wombat52

    Load 1 drivers

    Please can i please ask each & everyone of you PLEASE john built this great shower , tv , room for all of us but to today i took a shower & man is it really that hard that you cannot wipe over the floor even sorry john with these great fluffy towels or take a rag in there with you like i do ...
  9. wombat52

    a aussie christmas song

    jingle bells australian version - Bing Videos hope you all enjoy it very christmas to all of you & a happy prosperous new year to you all pete ( wombat ) just click on link above
  10. wombat52

    ANYONE tell me is it that Quite ?

    i am wondering short & sweet is it really that quite that in the last month i have really been battling to even make enough to cover expenses out here and i never knew peanut butter sandwishes with cheese , or tomatoe or sardines or vegimite & peanut butter together could taste so well lol but...
  11. wombat52

    I know there is the bowling

    i know there is the bowling tourment for carny but come on drivers tractors straight sprinters cargo vans ,this great lady has done something for everyone of us out here & her great happy nature all the time & i never heard a single mean word out of this fantastic lady , can we not all afford to...
  12. wombat52

    A very big thankyou to load1

    I would like to thank everyone up in dispatch for getting me out of TN , KY, to erie PA LAST thursday to be able to attend my court HEARING a big thankyou to everyone especially tim & then kristy for that magic load right to the front steps almost to the of the court house WHAT A GREAT COMPANY...
  13. wombat52

    my new mailing address ye ha

    well it seems that after 5 days in laredo tx i better go the US POST OFFICE & change my mailling address c/ of laredo tx . to far to deadhead out so i guess i wait under this wonderful 112 sun ye ha just like the outback and let my new ye ha cowboy hat shade me from the sun . wow i can always go...
  14. wombat52

    a very BIG THANKYOU

    thank you thank you to jeremey & lynn in dispatch for all your help last night i really mean this guys i am in your debt for this one peter groat .. wombat
  15. wombat52

    To all load1 drivers & staff

    here is a first ok sitting in the front carpark at the home office is my limo ( car well pick up actually ) it is a S10 chevy great little fellow good tires great engine uuuummm sweet to your ears great radio / cd player But will add this ok does need some TLC tender loving care on the front...
  16. wombat52

    hey can anyone tell me something

    the new scanners we have in our trucks can we plug these into our laptops to scan stuff into it ? wombat
  17. wombat52

    ok we got macro 19 but

    how do i find zipcodes what around 1 million zipcode how to you find the zipcode for cleveland lets say if your in pittsburgh etc ??