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  1. wombat52

    what about HINO

    ok i looked all over the web & i come to the view that the wonderful HINO TRUCK is just not included in chrome shop accessiorty i am looking to replace my boring white hino bumper with a nice sparkling chrome one but it just looks like unless you go to dealer & pay the hino ouch price one could...
  2. wombat52

    hino owners or drivers

    ok here we are two days into daylight saving how in the bloody heck do you change the time on the clock radio /cd player followed the book but nothing happens ok do i leave key on or off and same goes for the radio on or off sure glad i got a watch & cell phone lol that gives me the right time i...
  3. wombat52

    ok all HINO owner & operators

    Well hi all and even more so to all the owners & more importance all drivers of these wonderful vehicles from across the pond yes i mean JAPAN well after sitting in knoxville for the last 4 days no not because of the lack of freight but because of my wonderful 09 HINO 3 months old 46000 miles...