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    Straight truck GVWR with tag / pusher axle

    As far as I know its the weight of axles on ground, you add an axle or more and rating climbs.... but you know those DOT officers (missouri in perticular) have thier own ideas and rules.... Carry the paperwork on the axle in your documents folder.....
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    Anyone running a Westinghouse iGen2200 or New Yamaha EF2200iS?

    I have the westinghouse and its a beast, Ive pushed it well beyond its rated watts and it kept going I got bored after 6 hours and still had half a tank in it. It was pushing 3500 watts steady and still not empty... wow... my honda cant do that.... Ive also dropped it, its rolled over and it...
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    Sprinter Engine Swap

    Ive done his two ways Sadly I did it for someone so I would have to try and get pictures, But I did a GM 5.3 swap into a sprinter and later I did a 4BT into a sprinter (he wanted to keep it diesel. Over all I will say the 5.3 swap was tougher, as it also required changing the fuel tank ,system...