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    Company Ads For Equipment / Drivers

    I was contracted with FDCC for 7 years. I sold my truck to help my brother with his struggling business. I have never lost the desire to return to the road. I see ads for every expediter company imaginable seeking trucks and drivers. But I see fewer and fewer expediters on the road...
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    Universal Mailbox App for Androd OS

    I recently completed the OS update on my Motorola Droid Razr and with the new updates (Called Ice Cream Sandwich), the Universal Mailbox Widget is gone. I have verified with Motorola that it has definitely been eliminated. I asked them if they could recommend a 3rd party App and they said that...
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    Java Software

    What is Java? What function does it perform? Can it be deleted without any ramifications?
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    Sleeper Boot Repair/Replaced

    Anyone know of any quality shops that repair or replace sleeper boots? I had it done years ago by Bents, but they are now out of business. I am willing to travel to have it done right and at a fair price, but the closer to central PA the better. Thanks.
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    Viewing and Saving Electronic Logs

    I am able to successfully log onto the site. I selected the desired dates and then proceed. All I get is a blank white screen. Thinking it may take some time to load, I monitored it for up to 15 minutes - nothing. No information shows up. I have run trouble shooting, I have run Windows Updates...
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    407 / ETR in Ontario, CA

    Can anyone tell me if this toll road accepts EZ Pass or does it require it's own specific transponder? If it requires it's own transponder, does anyone have one and do you feel it is worthwhile? Any contact info on where to get more info on this? Thank you.
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    CSA 2010 Freight Securement Regs

    New CSA 2010 regs require freight securement to be checked and logged within the first 50 miles of the shipper and then every 150 miles/3 hours thereafter. Is anyone else finding this to be as annoying, obnoxious and an unnecessary waste of time as I find it to be? It is a little less...
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    Side Marker Lights

    Does anyone know the regs on what is required for marker lights on the side of the cargo box/truck? Or, where I can find them? Overall length of truck is about 35 feet, but the cargo box is only 22 feet. My understanding is side markers only required at front corner and middle side if...
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    Can You teach an old dog new tricks?

    Does anyone have any information to share about the basics of WiFi? For the most part I use a VC Access Card, tied to my Verizon cell phone package, which provides me with unlimited use each month. However, there are times I am in areas where the cell signal is weak, but WiFi is available. I...
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    Fan Switch

    Does anyone know if you can have a driver controlled fan switch installed for a CAT 3126?
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    Personal Conveyance Use Of Truck

    In the past under other threads I have read banter and debate regarding personal conveyance use of one’s truck when not under dispatch or load, and the need to not log this as on duty driving time. Most of what I have read was that it is frequently done, but I have never read anything as to how...
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    R&M Cost Per Mile

    Is there anyone willing to share their R&M cost per mile for D unit straight trucks? I would be also be interesting in knowing the age of the truck. Thanks. For example: 10 year old truck Lifetime R&M CPM: $.161
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    T-chek Scam Warning

    The people at T-Chek are warning truckers to be on the lookout for a telephone scam. They say they’ve gotten reports from customers who’ve been called by someone pretending to be connected with the company. The caller has sought personal information about their T-Chek account. T-Chek says it...
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    Petro in Bordentown, NJ

    In the past this location use to have many expediter trucks parked there. Many times it looked like a mini convention for both FedEx and Panther trucks. Lately, there never seems to be anyone there when I stop there. Granted, I am there a lot less then in the past as I am moving and have...
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    407 Toll Road in Ontario

    I have never used this road but have at times wanted to to save time and miles. I have noticed signs that state com-veh over 5 ton GVW must have an electronic toll transponder. Does anyone know if they accept EXPass or must you have another transponder specific to this road in Ontario?
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    Digital Antenna for Truck

    Anyone have a good, but inexpensive, solution for better TV reception in the truck now that the switch is being made to all digital. My TV set does OK with digital, but the signal tends to fade in and out and is lost from time to time. I have a boomerang shaped antenna presently fixed atop of...
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    User Titles

    When I read messages at this site, I see some users are listed as follows: Administrator, Moderator, Senior Member, Member. What is the distinction of these titles?