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  1. NorthernBill

    Sprinter preventive Maint.

    How about it $printer shoes, at apx. 360.000, Alt went. 407.000, oil filter housing came unsealed. What next, oil cooler? Or..........rear end, trans, engine. What have you rebuilt or replaced before it broke? Replaced drive shaft and front struts at 200.000. Ours is a 2011, bought used in 2013...
  2. NorthernBill

    Things that go bang or thud

    Witnessed bridge strike just east of San Antonio on I-10, got lucky and had a out as the traffic wasn't real heavy. Was checking out this tank on a low boy, heard a bang then dust then tank wasn't moving. Happend real fast and a lot to sort out. Aim high and be safe everyone
  3. NorthernBill

    Thank's Crossroads Express

    Carolee and I would like to thank Team, Crossroads Express for all the fine mentoring and hard work keeping us running. Changing carriers we felt was important to enhance our young career. For better or worse we are going to try a different type of pasture. Sally and Murry were great to work...
  4. NorthernBill

    September will we remember !

    Last week was great! Dropped in downtown Chicago, where to go? How about Elkridge and Parkville, MD. Here's to a good Month!
  5. NorthernBill

    2011 sprinter repair

    Heading West toward Akron, any good or bad info. on shop's. Got a ongoing problem with DEF sensors and could use oil change. Thanks
  6. NorthernBill

    Cargo Van winter tire's?

    Are good highway treads all one need's, or are winter tread's neccesary? We will be running a l/t sprinter. Thank's
  7. NorthernBill

    Sprinter van, info, help

    My wife and I picked up a long tall 2011 this summer out side of Detroit. Had a blast driving it back to Seward AK. Talked to one of the big carrier's about team,s that we could talk with, they told me to check with this web site. Got a big laugh out of that, anyway van team's or anyone that...
  8. NorthernBill

    Sprinter power deck etrack

    How about etrak mounted on the top outside edge of there power deck. Not sure if its a workable idea, anybody set up that way?
  9. NorthernBill

    Heart Attack ,Health Card

    Hello everyone, was wondering if there was a requirment to obtain a new health card after a major medical event. I am doing fine, Doc that treated me wasen't concerned. Just dont want to get blind sided down the road. Thanks Bill