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    Bar and Grill- Open Saturday Night!

    How about some pre-game chat tonight, 2/05 on the EO chat room at 8:00 PM EST? I'm serving up steaks, Buffalo wings, good beer, and a few fun truck topics here and there! Be there or be a.... flat beer:9 -Weave-
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    Canada Fines!

    I have a funny feeling US customs is going to be mailing out those $5000 fines like fliers for a few months! x( -Weave-
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    Help and Opinions on the Sprinter Van

    I have just referred a friend to this site who REALLY wants to go van expediting, and is REALLY interested in buying a new Sprinter to do so. He asked me for my opinion about it versus a Ford or Chevy gas or diesel van, and as I’m not into the vans, I couldn’t really answer him other than a few...
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    Live Holiday Chat Sunday

    Seeing as most everybody should be home tomorrow and already bored with their new Christmas presents, how about some chatroom action tomorrow? I'll be on watching from about 9 PM till midnight, looks to be the time when things are most active here. This is your one chance to tell me how much...
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    New Pete 335

    Saw the first of the new little Pete 335 today near Hamilton, ON. Essentially a redesigned 330 on the chassis, it looks so sweet, the 80's look of the old 330 is gone. But Paccar kept the 80's look for the KW T300 for some reason, I guess for the retro crowd...
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    Canada PAPS

    One of my reliable informants just told me that a PAPS barcode will be a REQUIREMENT to bring freight into the USA from Canada as of Nov. 15th. I basically told him I didn't belive him, and he got really cross with me. Does anyone know of any truth to what I was told? -Weave-
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    No more dinner rolls?

    My mom was watching this "Myths Revealed" show the other day. She told me one thing they did on there was to reveal the myth if eating poppy seeds, such as those found on a roll, will cause one to fail a drug screen. The conclusion in their test, which was very scientific, was yes, they will...
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    When are they going to realize..

    When are they going to realize there will never be a computer that can drive a truck? When will they realize the importance of truck driver skills, safety, and legal compliance, and that those skills are not something that can be taught to cheap uneducated labor? When are they going to realize...
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    New Base Plate

    I have an OK base plate, and it looks like Fern Bennett has gone out of business as OK is no longer allowing trucks to be base plated there unless one has an established place of business there. I found a website, for Oklahoma Fleet Services that looks as though they are still in business and...
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    Neat trucker toy

    This is a really cool R/C forklift I got a couple of years ago. It is the "Mega Lifter" by Hobby Zone, and is available for about $120 from a ton of places on the web. Not so much a toy, it is very realistic- moves in all directions, the forks go up to 18" and have tilt, and the individual...
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    10 Speed rangefinder

    Just had to nurse my truck back home with a funny problem. Seems if the temperature drops below 60 degrees, the rangefinder on my Rockwell 10 speed stops working. It will stay in whatever range it is in until I stop the truck and let it idle for a few minutes, then will seem to work fine until...
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    Freightliner Columbia 200k Mile Report

    The Columbia has hit 200k this week. I have been very pleased with this unit thus far, and with my decision to buy this repossessed truck a year and a half ago with 52k miles on it then. The powertrain, DDC S60 and Rockwell 10 speed, have operated like a watch without any problems at all...
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    Nice truck for sale

    My buddies at Crook Motors;-) in Albemarle, NC have a nice truck for sale at the moment (this is my one and only Geo plug). '00 KW T300 Jeff Jones expediter, 180K miles, Cummins ISC 315, Super 10, big IWT sleeper, clean and lots of chrome, $46k. Even Rich can afford that! Might be posted to...
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    International 4300- Reports

    My father will be picking up his brand new custom made International 4300 18' C unit next week. Tricked out nicely with 215 HP DT466, air brakes and ride, Allison automatic, and the extended cab with small sleeper. Look for some reports on this ride! -Weave-
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    An Apology

    This posting is a whole hearted apology from myself, Mark (Weave) Palmer to Expediters Online members A-Team and Freespirit. It looks as though I have been very harsh and judgmental toward these two members since they joined the EO community, and having now met them and knowing them better...
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    News for Oklamoma Registrants

    Talked with Fern Bennett, and there is some bad news for any Oklahoma registrant. The ruling for next year will not allow many of us to register there anymore. Only owners or companies with physical presence in OK will be allowed to. That is, unless the company you are leased to has a...
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    Non trucking liability insurance in New York

    It looks like I will have to register my truck in my home state of NY for next year. Does anyone who is registered in NY know of any company here that will cover the non-trucking liability insurance? I contacted the OOIDA and they can cover the bobtail and deadhead, but not the NTL. They gave...
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    Improper Training!

    With half a day of training at the Jim-Bob school of trucking, you too can be a CDL driver!!!!! Just call me JV, and I'll get you on your way to a very profitable career! This is just a joke, and I'm sure it's NOT the kind of driver training a Navy Seal like Mr. Ventura would recommend. GETTING...
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    Computerize Your Operation!

    In this day and age, I really believe a laptop computer in your truck is a must have item. You might think you can't afford one, but there are so many cheap second hand ones out there now, and they are all you will need for your operation. I recommend older Toshiba units such as the Tecra 550...
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    Air Conditioner Compressor

    Well, low and behold I went to use my A/C this week and it didn't work, even after I carfully cycled it a few times this past winter to keep things fresh. The system refrigerant level was low, and I recharged it to the proper level, and it worked for about an hour, and died again. Took it to...