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  1. likemlow

    HINO 195 P0746

    Hi all! We've got a few 195s (non Hybrid) that are starting to throw this code intermittently. Transmission P0746 - Abnormality in control valve 1 system. No other codes. One of the trucks has been doing this for a few years. I took it to the Hino dealer and they said it needs a Transmission...
  2. likemlow

    Book time for Atomizer please 2011 Hino 258

    I received the Warranty notice from Hino for the Atomizer. We do our own labor and they want Internal invoices for reimbursement. Could someone please give me the Book time for Remove&Replace? Thanks!!
  3. likemlow

    Hino 195 Changed Head gasket now has no Power !!

    Hi all, We changed the head-gasket because it was leaking externally. Now throttle response is super slow with no power. No fault codes yet. I have Hino DX but I don't know what to look for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. likemlow

    2010 Hino 258 Regens 3 times a day?

    Hi everyone. I don't know why but this truck is regenerating up to 3 times a day now. It used to only Re-gen around once a week. It doesn't have any fault codes, and we had the DPF baked in Nov. Any tests I can try or data I can check with our generic Snap-On truck scanner? Any input is much...
  5. likemlow

    2012 Hino 258 No Power

    Hi All! Love our 258. So now it has no power. I checked the fuel pressure with our scanner. It shows the fuel pressure drop as we accelerate. We changed all the filters. Found the Over pressure valve leaking, replaced that. Ran it off a bucket. Even swapped the High pressure pump with the SCV...
  6. likemlow

    2012 Hino 258 Clear/Light brown Oil in air tanks?? Air pressure problem?

    Hi all, Must be a weird week for Hinos. Our 2012 Hino 258 Has a lot of this clear to light brown oil coming out of the air tanks and we have no idea where its coming from. It looks like hydraulic fluid. The driver of the truck said he started noticing it a couple weeks ago when he would...
  7. likemlow

    Hino 195 Oil coming out of Turbo

    Hi all! I've noticed lately on our 195s the turbos all seem to leak oil, some worse than others. I'm starting to get concerned. We do regular maintenance including replacing the Crankcase filters. Is this a sign of something going wrong? Thanks for any input!
  8. likemlow


    Hi All, Again, 2012 Hino 258 with the beloved burner system. The atomizer nozzle that has the steel braided line to it is getting plugged up quite often. When we pull it out it looks like greasy spiky fuzz. We clean it by spraying it down with brake clean, wiping it off with a towel, and...
  9. likemlow

    2010 Hino 258 Flatbed overheat when Idle Raised

    Hi all! Our 2010 258 is overheating only when the driver has the idle raised with the control knob. It happens pretty quickly, he claims that starts within minutes. He uses the Idle up while operating the PTO. When the truck regenerates, it raises the Idle up to about the same rpm and the truck...
  10. likemlow

    Intermittent overheat only at Idle?

    Hi all! We have a 2012 Hino 258 flatbed tow truck and the driver is reporting Intermittent overheating at idle. It occurs only when he idles for 20 mins or so then it will start creeping up. At the beginning of summer we brought in all the trucks and blew out the radiators/intercoolers etc. We...
  11. likemlow

    Another Hino Throttle Problem

    Hi Everybody! I'm new to this forum and am hoping someone could help me figure out whats going on with this truck. Its a 2010 Hino 258 Flat bed. From a stop It Bogs real bad when you first press the gas pedal. It wont go over 5mph if you hold the pedal down. If you release the gas pedal and...