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  1. alexstrem

    Fuel for Thought Doobie-ous Delivery

    I am pretty interested. I once got my hands on a vintage silver-plated 1928 Buescher true-tone (IV series). Of course, they were made in the US, Indiana, or someplace else. I got it online and used a tracking service to see where my piece of gold was cause I wanted to have it so bad. Wonderful...
  2. alexstrem

    Single Driver looking

    Have u found anything so far?
  3. alexstrem

    Tax Deductions For Non-Owner Operators

    I did some research and discovered that some of the tax deductions for self-employed, small business owners include: accounting and legal fees, insurance, office supplies, rent, travel, telecommunications, etc. For those items not specifically identified, the rule is that the expense must have...
  4. alexstrem

    Tax Deductions For Non-Owner Operators

    Wow, I've never thought that Canadians pay so much taxes for such a low annual income. Even in Europe you pay less (don't mention the US).