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    Flying J Fuel

    Just a comment on the quaility of fuel that we are getting at the Flying J. We have a Sprinter, and when we fuel up at most Flying J's especially Georgia, our Sprinter appears to lose power. Most noticeably it downshifts frequently on minor grades whether empty or loaded. When we fuel at the J...
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    Panther II info

    Can any Panther CARGO VAN operators advise me, if I'm getting the true story from Panther recruiting? It has been stated to me that the total weekly fees I will incur runnning a van will be 35.00 a week for qualcomm, and 24.00 a week for liability insurance. They say they take care of the rest...
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    Panther Mileage Rate

    Talked to a Panther recruiter the other day about signing on a team van. He is more than willing to sign us on, which we appreciate. He stated that the mileage rate Panther pays vans is 76 cents per mile. That seems a little low to me. I am aware that it is advantageous to sign on with a larger...
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    Van Sleeper Installations

    Have just purchased a 158" WB Sprinter, and will be putting it into service as a team van. We are stepping down from a very roomy "D" unit. I've looked through the forums and have found little on sleeper installations. Could any folks who have taken this route, make some recomendations on...
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    New Hours of Service.

    I was just wondering if anyone had any fresh opinions on the new hours of service regs. Maybe they won't affect the solo drivers as much as the teams. But my better half and I, usually drive 5 on and 5 off. Now it looks like its going to have to be a 10 on 10 off cycle. I know there are teams...
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    A Big Howdy to all and a Happy Holidays

    Hi Folks in the expeditor world. Ran across this forum last night, YA'll seem like a great bunch of people. Please let me express my gratitude for some of the great info that I've already gleaned from this forum. After driving semi's, (team with my sweetie(wife)), for about 10 years; We decided...