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    Trucker Slang (revised again)

    RE: Trucker Slang (revised) From Smokey and the Bandit: Choke 'n' Puke= Roadside country restaurant Go-Go-Juice= Fuel K-Whopper= Kenworth Parking lot= automobile hauler
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    FedEx Representatives Address Open Forum Topics

    RE: FedEx Representatives Address Open Forum Topic Thank you for the answers ATeam. As I stated early in this thread I did not see anything wrong with the site linked to as far as a personal thing if other members were allowed to do the same- I just didn;t see any other members with those types...
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    Barn Doors or Roll Up Door???

    I always preferred barn doors for the long run. 2 barn doors have about 10 moving parts. One rollup door has around 50. Run in the northeast a lot, and that fact shows. Mudflap
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    Load Bars

    They are not a truck stop find, but available at just about any truck trailer supply place in most major cities. Call the number at for a dealer in your area, I liked their load bars and strapping products. Mudflap
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    FedEx Representatives Address Open Forum Topics

    RE: FedEx Representatives Address Open Forum Topic ATeam, I have not ran you in to the ground or attacked your motives. I have admittingly questioned your postings, that is not an attack, and any self respecting person should welcome questions, not be offended by them. Phil, I have looked...
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    FedEx Representatives Address Open Forum Topics

    RE: FedEx Representatives Address Open Forum Topic As this amazingly surpassed the 15 minute deletion I expected, how about taking the latter part of this topic, adressing open forum topics, and talking about fairness among forum members as hinted in my last paragraph. Such as one can be a...
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    FedEx Representatives Address Open Forum Topics

    RE: FedEx Representatives Address Open Forum Topic I'll confirm the timing on that takever/transition. ATeam, your being an editor on this site and looking to use the forum as a source of information for your topics, don't you think it is a little uncool to come back and cut down the very...
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    T-300s again

    My son purchased a one year old class 8 Freightliner expediter 5 years ago for $56,500. He just sold it for $25,000. It had 525k miles on it when sold, the engine warranty only recently expired and the tranny still warranted out to 750k. It required non maintenance repairs to the average of...
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    Truck finance

    The other benefit is after you do the lease buyout, you can depreciate the truck on your taxes for it's market value. Mudflap
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    FedEx Representatives Address Open Forum Topics

    RE: FedEx Representatives Address Open Forum Topic Very interesting interview to read. The question I always had with my FedEx time is if they are so proud of Custom Critical as part of the FedEx family, why are CC contractors not treated to the same perks as contractors at the other FedEx...
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    I just counted the number of windshield washer jets my truck has, and it has more than any of yours. :7 Mudflap
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    >Me thinks he's a little miffed cause the thread was taken >off topic. I've only read a couple that actually answered >the original question. > >-Vampire Super Slooth Trucker!!! I'm not sure exactly what the question was? The topic was gambling, it is a sensitive non-trucking topic, and...
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    Building a C-Unit

    Do you fellas read the Truck Paper? There you will find a used Volvo VNL chassis does not fetch much more than a comparable FL Columbia. Mudflap
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    Broom, from reading on another thread you sound like you are going through a tough time with something. You might want to take some time off of the road and relax a little bit, I see some combat fatigue setting in. Mudflap
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    Building a C-Unit

    I think Glen and Janice's truck was a lot nicer. The cab, sleeper and box just blended together with style. It truly looked like a quarter of a million dollar truck. Not saying Ateams truck has bad specs, it just looks like an overly expensive 3 piece bolt together. One could do better, and...
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    Goal Oriented Expediting

    Well, my trucking goals were to support my family with a nice home for all of us and to maybe have a little change in the pocket for retirement or for when some special wants and needs for the family or myself were desired. I also desired to have a career I enjoyed. I worked hard and did what...
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    Mexican Trucks

    What this says to me in laymans terms is that since the USA has sent so much production to Mexico, that it would be only fair for the borders to be opened up to logistics between the countries. I truly can't argue with that logic. Greed-Greed-Greed. It is why it was sent there. Sure, the UAW...
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    Excellent reply! If one does not like something, it is their choice to not partake in it. It is up to parents to teach their children morals, not the government. For instance I do not like guns or hunting. Never have, never will. But I understand the beliefs of those who do, and their...
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    Sure it is a business, just about everything public related is. As one's truck operation is a business, so are churches. Nobody forces you to do anything. Nobody makes you go to the casino, put a cigarette or drink in your mouth, eat bad food, etc. Morals are one's personal beliefs. Should...
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    Building a C-Unit

    Can I ask a good question? That being what sort of money you are looking to spend for your C unit Bigjoep? If defining a true C unit on C unit cargo capacity, a new unit can be built on anything from a small class 4,5,6 or 7 chassis up to a full blown class 8, prices ranging from maybe $30k up...