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    Medical recert craziness!

    After reading about the anticipated changes, I feared an experience similar to what you described. I was lucky. My hometown PCP is on the CDL medical examiner list. It went as smooth as in year's past. I fear many more will have experiences similar to yours than to mine.
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    Company Ads For Equipment / Drivers

    Some good points worthy of thought. Thanks for the feedback. Most travels these days are along the I-81 corridor from Scranton, PA to Winchester, VA. I swing through the truck stops at Exit 77 near Harrisburg at least once a week, occasionally at the Petro and Flying J at Exit 54 near Carlisle...
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    Company Ads For Equipment / Drivers

    I was contracted with FDCC for 7 years. I sold my truck to help my brother with his struggling business. I have never lost the desire to return to the road. I see ads for every expediter company imaginable seeking trucks and drivers. But I see fewer and fewer expediters on the road...
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    Universal Mailbox App for Androd OS

    Great Feedback! Thank you.
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    Universal Mailbox App for Androd OS

    This has been a tough one to search out. Last evening I received a reply on another forum specific to the Motoraola Droid Smartphone. It was suggested I look at the App called Maildroid. I hope to get to that later today. Thought I would post what I found out in case anyone else who read this...
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    Universal Mailbox App for Androd OS

    I recently completed the OS update on my Motorola Droid Razr and with the new updates (Called Ice Cream Sandwich), the Universal Mailbox Widget is gone. I have verified with Motorola that it has definitely been eliminated. I asked them if they could recommend a 3rd party App and they said that...
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    FedEx Custom Critical Rebranding Update

    Can you still have an OOIDA decal on the truck or window?
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    Good bye

    I too have sent in my letter and given 10 days notice to cancel my lease. My last official day is tomorrow, however, I have been OOS since the end of June. My reasons for leaving are personal and family related. Contrary to other posts that have appeared on EO both here and in the general...
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    C-Link rant

    I made the FDCC number one of Friends and Family to solve the problem of maxing out minutes.
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    Moderator Changes

    I don't know alll of these folks, but as is stated is often a thankless job. Sincerely - Thank You for your service here on EO.:)
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    Re: West Coast Runs Reconsidered

    I was wondering when someone was going to “hijack” the tread out of the FedEx site. To be honest, I am seriously surprised it took this long.
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    FDCC on TV

    No, I don’t think you have missed it. I don’t believe the strategy has ever been clearly spelled out in specific terms to contractors. In general terms I have frequently heard about aggressive sales efforts, a strong focus on growing the business and some discussions about renegotiating...
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    Java Software

    Thank You!
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    Java Software

    What is Java? What function does it perform? Can it be deleted without any ramifications?
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    Post What You Just Paid For Fuel - And Where

    $4.149 Bangor, ME
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    Security Tape

    My first thought is – locks and seals serve the same purpose without any potential damage to the truck’s paint and without any increased time requirements on the contractor to later remove and clean where the security tape had been placed. I am in little position to walk away from a load, but...
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    EOBR not so BAD

    I resisted making the change as long as possible, but must now admit, the new unit is not as bad as I had anticipated. I have had to learn it pretty much on my own and still discover something new every now and then, but for the most part have got it pretty well mastered. My sound volume seems...
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    Sleeper Boot Repair/Replaced

    Thank you!
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    Sleeper Boot Repair/Replaced

    It is leaking at the base of the "step over" between the day cab and the sleeper. I see no rips anywhere. The boot is less than 3 years old. I saw an earlier post of yours, when I did a search, on steps how to re-glue. I want to try to find that again and print it out for a future reference...