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    Where has everyone gone

    Expediters Online- Please remove my membership from your website, as I could not do so myself. This should effectively bring your membership (dead or alive) down to 2165. "Thank You,That quality control in the Open Forum combined with the impressive array of original expediting content...
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    Game plan

    Your starting plan sounds really good Joe. A lot of places that run trucks only intrastate long term rent or lease trucks from Penske or the likes. I'll admit I don't know a whole lot about CA, but just taking a wild guess I think you should be able to drum up a lot of courier business just...
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    U Live and U Learn

    Thanks for clarifying that rule Jack. :) -Weave-
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    U Live and U Learn

    I'll check into this Lawrence. I do know that Canada considers ALL DUI's felonies, regardless if they are lesser misdemeanors in the USA. I do believe the border crossing restictions and need for Ministry Permits only involves those crossing into Canada who have DUI convictions in the USA who...
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    Thanks Tenneseeahawk and all others who made it to the chat. Fun times to be had again! -Weave-
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    Transmission fluid to clean diesel injectors?

    I have heard of this many times. From what I know the purpose is to allow the fuel system to prime faster when replacing the filters, not clean the injectors. Basically, I think its just an old trucker snake oil myth that does absolutely nothing. Not harmful, but not helpful either. -Weave-
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    ~ A Public Apology ~

    Sorry, I was unable to be online last week. Must have missed it, but couldn't find it. Was it deleted? My apology too- must have been something very plausible. -Weave-
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    fecc no longer negotiating rates

    I VERY recently talked with a company that is an alliance member. I acted like I had a truck I wanted to lease on, and asked every question in my book. D unit rates with this place? 60% of $1.46 goes to the truck. .88 cents a loaded mile in other words. I politely ended the conversation...
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    fecc no longer negotiating rates

    I know very well of the, "Alliance." fact is, if truck drivers or owners can't make a living at it, they are not going to do it, Alliance or not. The "Autoquick" thing for automotive freight was tried a long time ago, and worked like a shark in a goldfish bowl. 1. To operate trucks, you...
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    ~ A Public Apology ~

    I recently (as of last night) enquired about the workshops EO is running in various cities. I was then openly invited to attend and speak at one of these future workshops, and I accepted the invitation, no further questions asked other than when and where. I do not understand to any extent...
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    Navigation system?

    I use a laptop computer as the heart of my operations. It has three purposes directly related to trucking: 1. Navigation. Currently using ALK's Co-Pilot Truck, and Microsoft Streets and Trips 2004. 2. Logging. Using Roland Bjorklund's DDL program for the last 4 years...
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    A felony conviction in 1981

    Other than with the expediting companies that require you to run Canada (becoming fewer and fewer), I don't know of any expediting company where your 24 year old felony conviction would even come up, none the less be an issue to not take you on as a contractor. Put it this way- I have been...
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    Back home from the road

    The sound and symptom you describe might just be the torque converter and not the tranny itself. It is best as mentioned to beef the Ford AOD up as much as possible, and add the big cooler if you don't already have one. Every little bit helps with those trannies, they have been noted to be a...
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    During the last two chats we had, nobody got hurt.. well, much:7 Everyone so far has been on a very friendly basis, with too many topics to mention to single any one specific topic out. When a lot of people get on, there are sometimes 2 or 3 conversations going on at once, regarding anything...
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    An observation

    During this time of the year, after I drop off somewhere, I won't sit anywhere for much more than 24 hours. If no load in that time period, I've found it best to head elsewhere. I check with my dispatch to find the closest area where things are moving and they have no other trucks at, and go...
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    Back home from the road

    That's life in the rough-tough bang 'em up live on the razor's edge world of expedited trucking Preacher:7 I have seen on many occasions where folks will take an older van or truck that is in good condition and working perfectly fine for them around town, and then when pressed into heavy duty...
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    Class 8 Stretching

    There are many motivational factors as to why people stretch a tractor instead of buying new. The main one? Yeah, COST! A tractor stretched properly, by a shop or person with verified EXPERIENCE, can be as straight and strong, if not straightER and strongER than even a brand new chassis and...
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    My Pro Heat is Sick

    I would ask the Kubota tractor dealer. Also, according to a few friends who have gensets from various manufacturers, many times reefer trailer shops are a good bet for genset repair, as many of the engines and parts are similar. -Weave-
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    Is it a Volvo or a Freightliner!

    Looking at Volvo's press release on the 880: Volvo USA claims their long 200" BBC cab offers better aerodynamics and fuel economy than other conventional designs, and easier maintenance. The chrome air intake covers are a little "Captain Zoom" looking...
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    Is This Forum For Everyone, Or Just An Elite Few?

    RE: Is This Forum For Everyone, Or Just An Elite F Read it three times, after printing it out. Possibly EO's finest post to date:) -Weave-