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    Hello Expediters... Long Time... What have I missed? Besides friends here?

    Hello everyone, been out of the scene for a while but wanted to make an attempt to get back involved and back up to speed with the industry. How goes it?

    Need a room at Roberts Center hotel for expo?

    Room Available at Roberts Center Hotel for Expo2008 23rd-27th!! Hey everyone, due to last minute business obligation I am not going to be able to attend the Expo this year. I booked a room about 5 months in advance and it will be available for the 23rd through the 27th if interested as I will...

    Glad to be back!!!

    Hello everyone who may recall speaking with me previously as I became involved with EO. After a Career change I am glad to be back hoping to continue providing information to any and all who may wish advice, opinion from a seasoned veteran of the industry. Over the next couple of weeks before...

    Good Morning Expediters!!!

    Another brisk morning here in North Carolina where we go from one extreme to the next weather wise almost weekly.. I hope this finds all of you having a good day so far and please have a safe day as you travel the nations highways today!!!:)

    What does it take to get YOUR attention as a driver today?

    Who ever said a recruiter couldn't ask a questin here, right?... So, as a previous driver of many years I wonder today what it is that grabs your attention by recruiters in your travels? Back in the day it might be a booth outside a truck stop trying to get your attention or colorful contact...