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    Thinking About Getting Back Into Vans... Most Reliable and Cost-Effective?

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to y'all. Life got...weird. It's not often I run into situations that are totally new and unique to me, but Oh. My. God.:oops::dizzy::vomit: Yeah, I plan to keep up on the maintenance. Cost of maintenance is definitely one of the considerations. If...
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    Thinking About Getting Back Into Vans... Most Reliable and Cost-Effective?

    Ragman: This past August was my 10 year anniversary being out of expedite, but not out of carrying things. I've done courrier and delivery stuff on on and off, usually part-time since then. I seem to have trouble extracting myself from transportation lol. Is the market oversaturated? Mostly...
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    Thinking About Getting Back Into Vans... Most Reliable and Cost-Effective?

    I've been out of the business for a long while, but I'm thinking about coming back in with cargo vans. I don't plan to drive for an owner this time; if I come back it's 100% mine. But a lot's changed with the vans on the road the past 5 or 6 years... I've fooled around looking at various...
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    grtting home

    Well, the thing is, being on Hometyme doesn't mean they'll only send you loads going your way. There's dudes on Hometyme that will take a load going the wrong way just because they can't bear to turn down the miles. They'll offer because they don't know, maybe you'll decide to take it. you...
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    Chef Dennis's New CargoMax

    It's a spiff van, but the mileage...akkk!!! That's almost what I get empty in my ST. Sometimes I wish I was short enough to fit width-wise in a van. You guys get to do such cool stuff with them. Maybe I'll get me a cube one Christopher
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    The Big Under Body Tool Boxes

    Where are some good places to get them, and what kind of prices would I be looking at? I need to start bringing a bike with me, and need a place to store it. I hate being stuck in one place on a 34 hour reset (especially in places like Antioch where there's nothing at this exit). I thought...
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    External Heating/ AC Units on Condo Cabs

    Please keep suggestions to equipment, not playing musical owners. I'll look into them. Thanks! I hadn't thought of a cabinet mounted wall unit. Shouldn't cost much to have a shop make a proper vent hole (I'm not gonna try besides they can make it look like it belongs). Wouldn't...
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    where the h--- is the frieght

    Sometimes it's about who you talk to. I was in KC and couldn't get an EM past Columbia, Mo (joy of joys). later in the day, I talked to someone else in relations and got an EM to Indy. But there's no reason to sit there that long. they should be EMing you out of there. Or finding you a...
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    External Heating/ AC Units on Condo Cabs

    I'd love to have a genny and an external unit for the truck both for fuel savings and to deal with no idle states. I drive a converted condo sleeper Freightliner Century. I've discussed it with my owner and he says you can't put a roof-mounted heat/ac unit on a condo. But, I've seen a couple of...
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    Prepaid WiFi and MiFi

    Wow. This is good stuff. I can't tether, I have a piddly old normal phone, on a pre-paid network (Straighttalk). Do you have to indenture yourself to Verizon for their broadband or their Evo jobby, or is there a pre-paid option for those? Thanks! Christopher
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    Prepaid WiFi and MiFi

    I'm trying to figure out if I should get something like that or just depend on the (sometimes less than fantastic) wifi hubs at truckstops. I'm really hoping to find a prepaid internet thing so that when I'm places that don't have any service at all, I can (theoretically) still have interweb...
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    February locations

    In Indianapolis. Just waiting for my Monday pickup. Then it's off to Nashville. Thanks! Christopher
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    What do you eat if you need to drive all night?

    Hard candies. Not for the sugar, but it's like having a cigar, for whatever reason it keeps my brain awake. I like to eat something with a lot of protein and carbs. But the carbs need to be had a couple three hours before you need them. They make you sleepy up front, but drive the boilers...
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    The SST100 Returns; See it at MATS

    What is that in the last pic of the climate control ST series? It looks like a toilet. Over the microwave?:eek: Thanks! Christopher
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    Virtual Terminal Map?

    Yuo, that's it. I thought you had to be logged in to get to it. The link also doesn't appear if you're O/S. At least that's my theory. I don't think that's a 100 mile radius. Downtown Indy is only 80 miles from the Illinois border on I70. I'm thinking the dark circle is the 50 mile...
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    BREAKING NEWS: FMCSA proposes EOBRs for all interstate carriers

    I thought they said all this a few years ago. Which is why Panther decided to jump over to them so long ago. I drove at Werner when they first instituted the original papreless program. I've always liked it. And don't get to comfortable in your CV's, gang. They will be bringing HOS to...
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    Report claims FMCSA overstated benefits of proposed HOS rule

    Why am I unsurprised by this "revelation"? I particularly love the bit about 2 midnight to 6am periods off on the reset. Whoo dang. Some of us just happen to have a circadian rhythm strongest midnight to 6 and weakest at 9am to 3pm. Hence me spending so much of my life working 3rds...
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    Virtual Terminal Map?

    How do you find it on the driver's website? TJ pulled it up on the owner's site, and said it could be accessed via the driver one too. Also, the online counts of trucks on boards...where did they put it? What vital bits o' knowledge am I forgetting? Thanks! Christopher
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    After Orientation Positioning

    D'oh!! Well, nevermind How are weekend loads outta here? The truck is supposed to be done tomorrow, and I'm nervous about getting out over the weekend. Thanks! Christopher
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    Repair Shops in Seville/Lodi

    Yeah, I suppose that would have helped. I'm not sure my owner wants me to post the specific issues. But I need some wiper work (not blades), the cigarette lighter outlet re-attached to the dash, some work on the door innards, and the power steering looked at. Also, is that alignment place...