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    Thinking About Getting Back Into Vans... Most Reliable and Cost-Effective?

    I've been out of the business for a long while, but I'm thinking about coming back in with cargo vans. I don't plan to drive for an owner this time; if I come back it's 100% mine. But a lot's changed with the vans on the road the past 5 or 6 years... I've fooled around looking at various...
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    The Big Under Body Tool Boxes

    Where are some good places to get them, and what kind of prices would I be looking at? I need to start bringing a bike with me, and need a place to store it. I hate being stuck in one place on a 34 hour reset (especially in places like Antioch where there's nothing at this exit). I thought...
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    External Heating/ AC Units on Condo Cabs

    I'd love to have a genny and an external unit for the truck both for fuel savings and to deal with no idle states. I drive a converted condo sleeper Freightliner Century. I've discussed it with my owner and he says you can't put a roof-mounted heat/ac unit on a condo. But, I've seen a couple of...
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    Prepaid WiFi and MiFi

    I'm trying to figure out if I should get something like that or just depend on the (sometimes less than fantastic) wifi hubs at truckstops. I'm really hoping to find a prepaid internet thing so that when I'm places that don't have any service at all, I can (theoretically) still have interweb...
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    Virtual Terminal Map?

    How do you find it on the driver's website? TJ pulled it up on the owner's site, and said it could be accessed via the driver one too. Also, the online counts of trucks on boards...where did they put it? What vital bits o' knowledge am I forgetting? Thanks! Christopher
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    Repair Shops in Seville/Lodi

    Who's got the best combination of speed, quality and price? The TA can't handle what's need doing. They lacks the parts. It's a Freightliner Century stretched for a box. Please no snarky replies about you can have two of the three. I'm asking for the best combination of the three...
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    After Orientation Positioning

    Ok, quick question. After the early week orientation is done, is there a good place to scuttle off to to wait for a load, or is staying in Lodi your best bet? I've never had to deal with this before, as I always lived close enough to go home and wait for a load. Is Lodi just glutted with...
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    Pre Paid Cell Carriers

    I don't have any idea which forum this goes in, feel free to move it. I almost put it under tech, but wasn't sure if it really qualified there. I've been using Tracfone for a couple years. It's what I'm going back out with, but I know I need to change that as soon as I can. I was with Sprint...
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    General ST Info Thread?

    Is there a thread for ST that is like the "the cargo van expediter" thread? It's a killer thread for new van drivers. How about one for New ST drivers? And TT drivers? Particularly ones coming from regular long haul trucking? I remember doing all that waiting was just BRUTAL when I first went to...
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    12 Volt Electric Blankets

    Are these cost effective and sufficient for keeping warm with the engine off? Say down into the teens, above the point where diesel gels up. Or will this kill your battery if you're able to get 8-10 hours of bunk time? Thanks! Christopher
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    How Well Do Playstations Survive?

    Anyone here have a Playstation they use on the road? I was wondering how well they handle the abuse of being hauled around in an ST everyday. Thanks! Christopher
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    Trademark Transportation

    They're a fleet owner with Panther. Anyone drive or have driven for them? Please PM me if you have, I am in need of information. Thanks! Christopher
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    Daystar Drivers?

    Has anyone one in here driven for Daystar as Driver, not an O/O in the last 12 months? If so, please contact me via PM, I have a couple of very specific questions that I need answers for. And these questions are better asked of drivers than recruiters. Thanks! Christopher
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    LRT Expedite

    Ok, here's the next company I know zero about. Anyone haul for these guys, and what are they like? I do like the way they lay stuff out on the site. Easy to find, exact insurance requirements and a copy of the lease agreement. If anyone who hauls for them has any complaints, I'd really...
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    Driving for Multiple Carriers

    How does this work? This morning was the first I've heard of this particular practice, it sounds....complicated but having potential. I'm assuming you talk to every company you can and ask if they allow it? I'm also assuming (ok, guessing) that it's mostly smaller outfits that allow this...
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    Brighton Transport

    Anyone know anything about these guys? I can't even find a website under the name they use here. Most of the hits are UK companies. Thanks! Christopher
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    Anyone Drive for T&K?

    This is my first thread asking about companies I've never heard of before. Who is T&K, and are they worth driving for? How many loads do they have going outside of what they list as their primary range, and more importantly, how many loads do the get ORIGINATING from outside their primary...
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    My Yearly-ish Check to See if I can Get Back In

    OK, I've been out of expedite for four years now. Well, closer to 3.5. Still too long. I see a lot of new (or at least new named) companies advertising here. Is anyone out there worth driving for looking to pick up solo drivers? ST or CV, but I tend to prefer ST. I drove for Panther most of my...
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    Is the Frieght Picking Up?

    This past Spring, I took a stab at getting back into a truck (ST) for a fleet owner at Panther. Circumstance and low freight did conspire against it, and my location (Virginia) narrowed down who would want me for a team driver. Such is life. So, I poured myself into making leather goods to...
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    Anyone Heard From Tempest?

    He was supposed to be taking me up to Ohio for orientation Sunday morning. Haven't heard from him since Saturday morning. I haven't gotten anything other than voice mail for 5 days. I called Cortje at Panther, and haven't heard anything back from her yet. I'm getting kinda concerned. He's too...