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    The Trump Card...

    Agree on Shannon Bream, a fellow Liberty University Alumnus!
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    What Changed?

    I am aware of the difference and have been a first responder (vol) for over 20 years. A warning indicates a sighting of a real event that may have dissipated as fast as it materialized. My point is that if the event progressed absent a warning or alert system, there would be hell to pay on the...
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    Birthday! Happy Birthday Chillout

    Happy Birthday
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    What Changed?

    But if they did not provide early warnings...
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    Is Hillary nearing the end?

    Could Bernie Sanders be right of Soetoro/Obama?
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    January 2016 locations

    You may run route 301 south to route 3/301 south to route 95 south, as the heavier snow was west of this corridor. I live near route 301 at the Potomac River in King George, VA and we had 2' plus that ended at 11pm last night.
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    VW Beetle and camper

    Spool like on cranes, they have contacts on brass rings and the wires don't move.
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    Tomb of the Unknown

    And they have lifetime commitments regarding personal behaviors.
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    January 2016 locations

    Maryland route 70 and 270 are closed until further notice. They were closed around 9pm last night and supposed to be open at 7am this morning, but are still closed until further notice.
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    bmv record question

    That is a good law. I do security clearance investigations and will offer the following: When the question is "Have you ever..." Then answer truthfully because falsification can be grounds for not hiring/dismissal. When records are expunged, that should include all record repositories, to...
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    Is Hillary nearing the end?

    She can be pardoned without being charged. I wonder if the leaked info came from the POTUS camp to allow an 11th hour entry of Joe Biden into the race.
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    When you find out the Powerball odds are One in 292.2 million.

    I am buying a few PowerBall tickets because it is the cheapest way that I know of to meet my relatives, that have heretofore found me unworthy of a visit, and that I have no knowledge of!
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    The Trump Card...

    What about when the government starts to compete with the private sector, driving entire industries out of business, which includes the owners, and employees. This has happened in commercial surety, something I am intimately aware of. Further, a demand with out investment or the financial means...
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    Who's buying a lottery ticket?

    Depends in the state, VA is full disclosure
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    Wyoming school district lifts ban on kids praying in school

    As an aside, Christianity does not mean perfect or holier than thou, rather an attempt to emulate Christ in one' behavior. Because man is fallen by nature, we will all fall short of that lofty goal, should one aspire to that goal, and I do. I do not apologize for being a Christian and can...
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    Everyone loves Doritos

    I have always equated the smell of sweet and sour sauce to ashtrays, but don't know why!
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    CDL Medical Experience December 2015

    This is also required by insurance companies for replacement supplies
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    CDL Medical Experience December 2015

    CPAP machines have a SD or Micro SD card that is downloadable to record use
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    Meritor transmission problems

    Than use dielectric grease at all wiring connections after gentle cleaning
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    Name A Song That Will Never Get Old

    Sunday Morning Coming Down (Kris Kristofferson)