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    Birthday! Happy Birthday Xiggy

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    Thanks Turtle!

    :t8009: Many thanks to you Mr. Turtle. The EO site is very festive! Merry Christmas! :th_smiley-snowbll: :th_snowball_smiley:
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    Cargo Van check engine light/ Transit

    We have 130k miles on our Transit. The check engine light came on while on our last run. We immediately stopped at a auto parts store to have the code read, it was O2 sensor.But at our dealership they think it may be the ' Powertrain Control Module' has anyone had any experience with this.
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    Crazy Canadians

    Canadian Man Punches Black Bear in Face, Walks Away Unharmed - Us Weekly Man Punches Black Bear in Face, Walks Away Unharmed
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    Heating / Cooling Portable A/C

    Has anyone successfully installed a hard start capacitor to a portable ac unit, we have a 8000btu LG.
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    Superbowl 50

    Go Cats
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    Heating / Cooling hardstart capacitor

    Does anyone know if a hard start capacitor can be put on portable AC? Or has anyone successfully installed one on a portable AC?
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    Who's buying a lottery ticket?

    Anyone got some lucky numbers to try?
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    It's snowing in here!

    Thanks Turtle :-) , you are having way too much fun with this site!
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    Happy Veterans Day!

    Thank you to ALL Veterans for your service.
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    Bad Air

    Is there any remedy or air displacement adders I can put on the sides of my Transit to help with this?
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    front racks for genny's?

    How does everybody carry their generator- front basket,inside or underneath van?
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    oh no 1st time to New York City!!

    What's the best way for a newbie to go into new York going to ave. of the Americas...
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    Sylectus Mobile

    Do any of you have experience with the Sylectus Mobile app?
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    Awesome Expediting??

    Does anyone know anything about Awesome Expediting?