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  1. Worn Out Manager

    You Spoke, I Listened

    Thanks to all that talked me out of the 250 Transit and into the 350 LONG. Almost done up-fitting and hitting the road Sunday. It isn't luxury but it will work.
  2. Worn Out Manager


    Boy - Am I Cornfused! My Ford Transit 3500 Extended is almost ready to hit the road. Now I am working on getting a roof top AC unit and I know nothing about them, (remember, this is the Newbies Forum). I have read several threads and also received some input already from y'all, but now I want...
  3. Worn Out Manager


    INVERTERS? How much can I run for several hours on an inverter and what size is needed to run a laptop, a few cahrging ports for power tools and a mico? None of it in continuous use except the laptop at night? I was thinking 1000 watts pure sine?
  4. Worn Out Manager


    OK, I have had some conversation, read a lot of threads in this and other forums on this site - many were informative AND entertaining. The consensus is that as a "newbie" I should take my Cargo Van and go directly to sign up with a major player, like Panther, and let them teach me. So, can...
  5. Worn Out Manager

    What's the real story?

    I am working thru the process getting into expediting, not necessarily for the money, but money is necessary. First, as an O/O of a 3/4 Ton cargo van what can I really expect? If I work at it can I make $1500/wk consistently? I have gotten a lot of input and the one thing that most confuses me...