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  1. Worn Out Manager


    Jan was OK, started hard, finished soft. Knot getting my hopes too high. Dispatch bid an easy load out of LA on the 31st, don't know his bid (probably a buck or so) broker called him back and asked if he wanted to beat what he already had - .48¢? It happens more and more.[emoji35] Sent from my...
  2. Worn Out Manager

    What Commercial Worked?

    I know many of us watched the Super Bowl just to see GaGa or the commercials. What Commercial was good in your eyes? Sent from my hand-held Etch-A- Sketch
  3. Worn Out Manager

    More Expediters Coming

    I know I was once a newbie, compared to OVM I still am. BUT, just following another expediters Facebook and I see a new post from someone starting orientation at Bolt today. He is going to be in someone else's truck. The first question he posted was "when will I get paid". He is starting...
  4. Worn Out Manager

    Football for Thanksgiving

    I love the big rivalries this weekend. OSU vs. MI, Bama vs. Auburn, FL vs. FSU, Clemson vs. USC, IA vs. NE. Anyone care to predict THE upset? Not sure if it qualifies as an upset but I think Michigan wins! Sent from my hand-held Etch-A- Sketch