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    Red Covid

    There's talk now of "Red Covid."
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    The Courts; This is Why I Trust Them

    Republican Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, partly because he promised to appoint conservative judges to the bench. He and the Republican-controlled senate made good on that promise, confirming hundreds of conservative judges, including three to the U.S. Supreme Court, which gave that...
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    Powerlifting for Truckers

    About 18 months ago, having done little with barbells before, I took an interest in powerlifting. After I saw some Special Olympics athletes work with our gym's fitness trainers to compete in a Special Olympics powerlifting meet, I figured if they can do it, I can do it. Also, then 65 years old...
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    The State of Freight Today (Coronavirus Effects)?

    As former expediters, now retail business owners (gym), Diane and I are looking to EO to get a better sense of the true state of things. We realize we're in the midst of rapidly developing and rapidly changing pandemic situation. Still, the state of freight has always been a good economic...
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    Motivation: How to Get Yourself Out of the Sleeper and Into the Gym

    When Diane and I were on the road, it was sooooo easy to sit in the sleeper instead of getting out to exercise, even when we were parked in an Anytime Fitness gym parking lot! We also found that once you get moving, it's easy to keep moving. The challenge is to overcome the inertia that keeps...
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    Have You Met or Seen This Trucker?

    Depending on the source you view, the average life expectancy for a trucker is 10 to 20 years below the national average. It does not have to be that way for you. See this video to learn more: This video was produced by...
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    This Could be Big; Amazon "Free" Freight Brokerage
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    Are Brokers Doomed?

    Totally automated freight brokerage. No humans involved. If brokers go away, what changes for: 1. Drivers? 2. Dispatchers? 3. Motor Carriers? 4. Shippers?
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    How Has Electronic Logging Changed the Trucking Industry?

    Diane and I left expediting in 2013 to pursue a non-trucking business opportunity. While we're out, we remain interested in trucking. ELDs were just starting to appear in expediting as we got out. Now that they are mandated industry-wide, I'm just curious. How has electronic logging changed the...
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    How Older Men Can Feel Young Again

    Former expediter, now gym owner.
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    Tesla Unveils All-Electronic Big Rig

    Info here Your thoughts?
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    Expediter Response and Experience With Hurricane Irma

    Just curious to hear what expediters are doing/experiencing regarding Hurricane Irma.
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    Thank You, Drivers!

    Diane and I are former expediters now living in Florida. As Hurricane Irma approaches, we're seeing store shelves picked clean of water, batteries and other storm prep supplies. The general public does not see this but we do; truckers on the job bringing new supplies. Thank you, drivers, for...
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    Health Insurance and Expediters

    How many expediters have health insurance now? If the bill now before the U.S. Senate, how many of those expediters will continue to have health insurance of equal or better quality?
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    Donald Trump Vs. FedEx?

    As a business person, candidate and president-elect, Donald Trump has shown a penchant to fiercely attack those who attack him. These attacks are often made at the personal level where Trump tweets and makes statements elsewhere to undermine a critic's reputation and credibility. Where he has it...
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    Glen and Janice Rice Truck Struck by Bullet

    Many EO members remember Expediters Glen and Janice Rice who suffered a horrific accident that destroyed their beautiful truck and took them off the road for a while. They have been back on the road for a few years now, running with a power-only company. The following is from Jan's Facebook page...
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    Records Retention Question

    I used to know the answer to this when we were working the business but I have forgotten. After a load is delivered, how long does a motor carrier have to make a freight damage claim against you? I ask because Diane and I kept every piece of paper related to every load we ever hauled. We had...
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    Truck Speed Limiters Proposed by Feds

    Feds move to limit speeds of trucks, buses The final point in this article is interesting. Maybe truckers should all come out in favor of speed limiters if they are mandated for cars too.
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    One Step Closer to Self-Driving Trucks (Video)

    The company is called Otto. They are former Google engineers who have developed a kit that can convert your truck to a self-driving one. Volunteers are being sought to test this technology. More here. I've been a proponent of self-driving trucks since I first heard of the concept, but I have...
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    Eyes Open for This Road-Rage Murder Trucker

    Dull-orange, early to mid-2000s Century or Columbia Freightliner. White trailer featuring the name Sunco Carriers. Details here.