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  1. Bruno

    Facebook is running people off

    Today I got a warning from Facebook telling me that my account could be suspended for terrorist activity. I was like really? All I posted was a video showing that people who claim to be Trump supporters was being let past the barriers by the police. They didn't strom the barriers from the...
  2. Bruno

    Loves Buys Speedco

    STORES CLOSING EARLY OCTOBER 31 On Tuesday, October 31, all Speedco locations will temporarily close at 6 p.m. local time due to Love's ownership transition and system installation. All Speedco locations will reopen Wednesday, November 1st at noon local time.
  3. Bruno

    Expedite Youtube VBlog

    I wanted to share with everyone about the Vblogs (Video Blogs) that a few expediters are doing. I hope you don't mind Lawrence. One husband and wife team is The Crafty Truckers, with Jason and Heather who also has a blog on EO. They talk about many different things to help out people that just...
  4. Bruno

    Ta/Petro Citizens Award

    A few days ago I got a phone call from TA/Petro telling me that I had been nominated twice for the TA/Petro Citizens Award. I was in tears as this is a honor for me and a total shock. I do a lot of charity work that I try to keep it private, but TA/Petro knew everything. It's an honor to me...
  5. Bruno

    Where is everyone at???

    Where is everyone at these days? I guess with all the facebook groups its slow in the forums. I hope that isn't the case. Going to put a link to EO in my Facebook group. I hope you don't mind Lawrence?
  6. Bruno

    Remembering fellow expedite people.

    Tonight I was talking to a fellow fleet owner about a way to remember and honor the people that contributed to Expediting over the years. Geo has said many times, "The Expediters Hall of Fame". Well, thats a great idea, but getting people to agree on things is hard. I would like new people in...
  7. Bruno

    Bolt Express is a Great company

    I just wanted to give kurdos to Bolt Express. I just finished up my first 30 days up with Bolt Express and was shocked on the income we made for a non hazmat straight truck team. We did 15 loads for $22,688.79 for a $1.53 a mile average for all loaded and empty miles. Our previous carrier we was...
  8. Bruno

    What things do you look for most in a Carrier?

    After being a freight agent for 18 months my team and I made the choice to go back doing what we do best. Management of trucks and just doing what made us successful in expediting. We called a few carriers and talked to them on what they each had to offer, then we sat down as a team and went...
  9. Bruno

    Fedex Mobile Safety

    A month ago I ran into Terry O Connor who drives the FedEx Mobile Safety unit. Terry's job is to inspect units and give up to date information on new DOT regulations, to help owner operators and drivers stay up to date on things. Some people may not like it as they may feel that big brother is...
  10. Bruno

    Preparing for an Accident

    This past month I was involved in an accident where a car was pushed into the back of our truck by another truck. It got me thinking of where I would be at if I didn't have a back up unit at the office to drive while my truck was getting fixed. Some owners or driver's don't have the use of...
  11. Bruno

    Successful Expediters

    Over the years I have seen many posts in regards to being a Successful Expediter. You have to ask yourself, what is considered to be successful in this business? Is it how much income one does? Is it how many loads you take? Is it it how many trucks you own? Is it how many of whatever you can...
  12. Bruno

    Last 20 years of Expedite Freight

    Over the last twenty plus years Expediting has changed so much that it's hard to imagine it would be this way back then. Back in 1996 the top three carriers was Robert's Express, Tri-State and Land-Star Express American. Today it's FedEx Custom Critical( formerly Robert's Express ), Panther, and...
  13. Bruno

    Who all is planning to go to the 2016 Expedite Expo

    With a new Location for this years Expedite Expo, who all is planning to attend? I plan to attend as it will be nice to see all the vendors, fellow drivers, and the staff from all the different carriers. I would encourage anyone that has never been to the Expedite Expo to try to make it. It's...
  14. Bruno

    Another GREAT Expedite Expo

    This years Expedite Expo has came and gone, but it was a great one. The announcement was made that the Expedite Expo is moving to Lexington, Ky in 2016 to a bigger location with more onsite hotels and parking. Casino Night was one of the biggest I have ever seen with over $7500.00 worth of gifts...
  15. Bruno

    I think EO has been hacked.

    I signed on to EO and what did I see. All these different post looking back at me. The posts are from the same person. They didn't get hacked really. But that have a bunch of crazy posts by this person. Just WOW
  16. Bruno


    This year is starting to go by fast and the Expedite Expo will be here soon. If you plan to attend this years Expedite Expo, you may want to start making your plans now. The Expo has always been a great time for us when we have attended. We have been to the Expedite Expo four times in the past...
  17. Bruno

    Using Expediters Online has helped us.

    When I started out in Expediting back in 1995 Lawrence Mc cord was still driving a cargo and Expediters Online may have been a dream then. Who, would have ever thought that Expediters Online would grow so big and help so many. Mayfield Express would have never grown this big without the use of...
  18. Bruno

    Are you ready for the Holidays?

    With Thanksgiving less than twenty days away and Christmas less than fifty days away. Are you ready for the Holidays? Living in the Children's Home in Xenia, Ohio I loved the holidays at The Home as we called it. Just give thanks and always try to pay it forward during the holiday seasons.
  19. Bruno

    What do you look for in a Carrier?

    Over the years Expediting has changed so much. Everyone now uses cell phones instead of pagers. Trucks have bigger sleepers that way drivers can stay out in the system longer, instead of going home once a week. So with all the changes, what do look for in a Carrier? Is it rate per mile? Is it...
  20. Bruno

    Childrens Home Chapel needs help.

    I hope it's okay to post this on Expediters Online as it's for a great cause. The Expediters Online family donated money at the 2013 Expedite Expo to help raise money to restore the graveyard of the 117 souls that are laid to rest there. The Chapel on the grounds of the former Children's Home...