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  1. Grizzly

    Mercedes Weekender
  2. Grizzly

    Industrial Hemp .....

    I just saw an expedited load posted for industrial hemp. First one I've ever seen. OR to CA. Posting says: "Industrial hemp. Legal for Transport." Thoughts? You taking this load ....?
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    PG&E ... lights out!

    MAPS: PG&E power shutoff is affecting these Bay Area cities | Have we ever done this before in the US? Intentionally shut off power for close to 1M people? I've heard reports that estimate it might be as high as 2M people. Power is supposed to be out for 36-48 hrs. Then it's...
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    FedEx rates

    Let us know when FedEx sends out that company memo stating rates to contractors are going up ... FedEx to increase shipping rates for consumers in 2020
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    GM Strike ...

    United Auto Workers Calls for Strike at GM’s U.S. Factories Rod Meloni: Perspective on the UAW-GM national strike
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    Deep freeze ..

    Amazon and UPS stop deliveries in several states amid frigid temperatures
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    Merry Christmas!

    Let's get the holiday started early .... Post any pictures, articles, videos, greetings .. whatever .. related to Christmas ... Merry Christmas To All! :t8009: Popeyes Made 'Emotional Support Chicken' To Make Holiday Travel Better
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    One way to boost profits .. GM poised to close plants in Michigan, Ohio, Maryland, will cut 15% of salaried workers
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    UPS strike ...?

    Opening up the topic for discussion ..... UPS Freight Stops Pick Ups In Anticipation Of Possible Strike | Go By Truck Global News
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    Chicken tax

    When's a van a van and when's it a car?
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    Custom Corner

    If you see an interesting ride, share it! Big, small or otherwise ... Rear doors are one piece all the way up. It's got a solar panel on top.
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    Sprinter Transmission

    After 658K mi my transmission has finally decided it has had enough! The fluid was changed regularly & the torque converter drained properly. In all honesty, I have not been kind to it. I've demanded allot from that specific part. I think the temps were just too high the past couple of days ...
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    GOAT posts .....

    If you have a favorite of your own or another member, let's see it .... Here's one from Blizzard circa 9/2011 ... There are only three ways to make good money in a cargo van. Here they are! 1. Go to work for Landstar. 2. Go to work for Load 1 3. Start your own company and get your own freight!
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    I view myself as a small business owner. Pinching pennies here & there, obtaining whatever types of discounts possible, always viewing the prices of goods & services as negotiable .... basically trying my hardest to be an all around shrewd cheapskate. I thought it might be helpful to share some...
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    Rigged - Port of LA

    Has anyone been following this series of articles in USA Today? Thoughts? Rigged. Forced into debt. Worked past exhaustion. Left with nothing.
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    Pilot Flying J

    The Oracle has bought in ... Warren Buffett to acquire majority stake in Pilot Flying J Sent from my VS987 using EO Forums mobile app
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    Van Tires

    2008 Sprinter 2500 170" 3.0 diesel Tire size: 245 75 16 My baby needs a new set of shoes soon .. currently at 141,000 mi on this set. I've been riding on Michelin LTX MS2s since I replaced the first set of Continentals that came on the van. I know it has it's detractors, I'm a fan. I think my...
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    Uber Freight

    Uber is now officially in the trucking business too Sent from my VS987 using EO Forums mobile app
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    Jimmy John's for $1 ...

    We all deserve a deal every now & then .. Customer Appreciation Day | Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches
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    POLL Demographics

    I'm starting to wonder if the only people left in this industry are: Baby Boomers: 1. Less financial pressure than earlier in their professional lives. 2. Desire to travel & make a little change along the way. Wannabe Reality Stars .... :p OK, jokes aside .... How old are you?