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    Who are your dispatchers? Btw .... 1 post will do. No need to post the same thing 3 times.
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    Who are your dispatchers?
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    Birthday! Happy Birthday, FlyingVan

    :t3331: :t3301:
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    Birthday! Happy Birthday, Worn Out Manager

    Happy Birthday WOM! Take your better half out to dinner, she deserves it ;)
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    Birthday! Happy Birthday, brokcanadian
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    My thoughts at large

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    Birthday! Happy Birthday, Turtle

    Happy Birthday! :pokepoke:
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    Birthday! Happy Birthday, Ragman

    Missed it .... Happy Birthday Rags!
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    Google and Screen names

    .... at one time? I thought that was you. :)
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    Van drivers: where to wait in CA?

    Just for future reference .... Home Depot parking lots are usually good in CA. Also if you're in SD again there is a Pilot right on the border. I slept there once a few years ago. I imagine that's a good alternative if you can't find anything else.
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    Do they owe you money?

    Well, that explains everything ... :pokepoke: :)
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    Birthday! Happy Birthday, jujubeans !!!

    Happy Birthday juju!!! Folks sure come out of the woodwork for birthdays ... lol
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    End of the Maple Leaf...

    Gets really murky when the government makes something legal and available for public consumption. Are there any tests for alcohol use? I'm not talking about being impaired while driving, that's obviously clear cut. Anyone how the Canucks are handling this?
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    End of the Maple Leaf...

    It's only a matter of time before it's nationally legalized in the US. Weed .... Casinos .... Sports betting .... The government wants in on all this illicit behavior .... tax dollars rule.
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    Loves Travel Stop

    It's really not .... I was out in Phoenix a few weeks ago. The Flying J off of i10 has turned really sketchy over the past few years. They finally decided to do something about it ... 24 hr security inside and out. The guard outside circles the lot in a golf cart. They can tell the difference...
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    Loves Travel Stop

    Good question but I don't believe it matters. Sent from my VS987 using EO Forums mobile app
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    Loves Travel Stop

    Couple of night ago, I slept at a small Loves in Palestine, AR. No issues. There were 3 other vans there. I think the reports of hostility towards vans are more likely to be isolated incidents rather than company wide policy. For whatever reason that specific location, Loves .. Pilot .. Flying...
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    Pilot/Flying J Travel Center

    Former Pilot Flying J president sentenced to more than 12 years in prison, fined $750K
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    Highway thru Hell

    Oct 30, 2012 Prince George, BC CA to Indianapolis, IN This was the road headed southeast out of Prince George ... fun times ... :eek: I took these all on my old cell phone .... LG G2X ... This one below has been my screen saver ever since ... When I saw the scenes towards the end of...
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    Highway thru Hell

    I've been on that stretch of road a few times. Feb 6, 2015 was an interesting day to say the least .. Edmonton to Seattle - 1,271 km Of course it was snowing that day. My threshold for doing these kind of nutty trips has gone way down. The roadway was closed, due to icing, right at the exit for...