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  1. Grizzly

    Say Cheese ...

    Have smartphones made everyone dumb .... ?? US firefighters probed for burning house selfie
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    United or Divided ..?

    This podcast is about an hour long. I thought it would be a good topic for discussion. Thoughts ..?
  3. Grizzly

    Undocumented Immigrants

    Currently we have over 10M undocumented immigrants living in this country. The majority of them have lived here for over 10 yrs. While politicians on all sides toss this issue around year after year after year .. no substantial solution has been found. What would you propose as a solution?
  4. Grizzly

    Mary Jane

    Look who's next .......
  5. Grizzly

    Thailand Soccer Team

    These kids have me completely captivated. Metaphorically .... sometimes we find ourselves in a deep, dark place with no foreseeable way out. I've literally been praying for them everyday. Elon Musk has sent a team to Thailand to help in the rescue effort. Godspeed ....
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    The Putin Interviews
  7. Grizzly

    Sugar Man

    I've been listening to Rodriguez for the last few days ... If ya haven't had a chance to see Searching for Sugar Man, imo it's a good one.
  8. Grizzly

    Why do bad things happen to good people?

    Terry Guy speaks about losing two family members I know everyone is focused on the election. IMO when it comes right down to it, politics is entertainment. Do I watch, read, listen to political commentary ... sure! I have my opinions like everyone else, but at the end of the day I honestly...
  9. Grizzly

    The Greatest

    If you've never watched When We Were Kings ... now is as good a time as any. Great movie .... "SCARED AH WHAT ... !?" When We Were Kings (1996) - IMDb