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  1. Grizzly

    NFL 2020-2021

    Arguably the best QB ever, moves on .... NE fans will be crying into their beers ...
  2. Grizzly

    NCAAF 2019-2020

    I thought the season operners were on Thurs night .... nope. Here we go .... Florida vs Miami! I'm currently at home. We're tossing around the idea of going to the Clemson vs G Tech game.
  3. Grizzly


    In March 1916, the Rosebuds became the first American team to play in the Stanley Cup championship final. In 1917, the Seattle Metropolitans became the first American team to win the Cup. After that season, the NHA was suspended and the National Hockey League (NHL) took its place. Hockey is...
  4. Grizzly

    College Football 2018-2019

    Might as well start a new College football thread. Anyone really watching baseball until the playoffs come around ... ?
  5. Grizzly

    Way to go Hawkeyes!

  6. Grizzly

    Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta

    Anybody else check out the game last night between Bama & FSU? The new stadium in Atlanta is pretty impressive!
  7. Grizzly

    NCAA Final Four

    Go Gamecocks! Sent from my VS987 using EO Forums mobile app
  8. Grizzly

    Clemson vs Alabama

    Congratulations to Dabo & the Clemson Tigers!! Dabo has a truly amazing life story. If anyone is unfamiliar with it, this is a good read ... Dabo Swinney's life of family pain, poverty and love of Alabama Didn't want to open my big mouth & jinx them last night .. lol Our oldest is going to...