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  1. Greg

    Apps EO App

    Is the EO Android app coming back soon? I had the app, it was froze on the initial splash screen so I tried to uninstall/reinstall. There was not a listing in the play store to reinstall. I hope it will return soon (or can someone tell me where to find it?) Thanks
  2. Greg

    Fuel Taxes

    I am no longer updating my Fuel Tax Map Apps, but for anyone interested, Here is a map of the current Diesel Fuel Tax Rates
  3. Greg

    Important! Fuel Tax Map Apps - Update !

    Fuel Tax Map App Update: For those of you using my fuel tax map apps to help with your fuel purchases, 1st Thank You, and 2nd the maps are again current as of 31 January 2019. For anyone interested in using them, there are 2 . --------------------------------------------------------- For Android...
  4. Greg

    Important! Android Fuel Tax Map 2 app

    Android users of my Original app Fuel Tax Map - Heads up... it will no longer be updated! If you would like to continue to get up to date info, please download the NEW app, Fuel Tax Map 2 Everyone using the web based version (for iOS and Android), I have added Canada to the maps list. (It...
  5. Greg

    Fuel Tax App?

    Okay, it is a little rough around the edges(a work in progress), but if you have the time and inclination to do so, check it out. I am still tweaking it and looking to add content before making it a full fledged app. It is fully functional now, just not published in the app stores. Once you go...
  6. Greg


    Does anyone use PowerTwist V Link Belts ? PowerTwist V Belts | Fenner Drives My APU came new with one for the generator. The fan belt on the APU is a standard conventional rubber V- Belt. Both have performed well. I am about to replace both and I am considering using the link belts for both...
  7. Greg

    Fuel Tax

    Many of us have and use a diesel fuel tax chart. If you would like a map version... It is 8.5 X 11, so it will fit on one page, if printed.
  8. Greg

    EO App on Android

    Anyone else have trouble with the EO app on Android? It started today 2/18/17. When I open the app, after the advertisement, it wants me to log in. I am already logged in. Then, if I don't log in(hit the back button) or put in my password, the screen just stays with the loading circle and no...
  9. Greg

    Landstar Indiana Base Plate (Truck Tag)

    If you have not been home to receive it, notices have been mailed out. Feb 2017 we will see an increase of $50 for your truck tag. Whichever weight class your truck falls into (33,000 , 54,000 , etc.) there will be an additional $50 for the cost of the tag. According to the letter, this is the...
  10. Greg

    Congratulations Linda

    TeamCaffee They made a great choice Trucker Buddy announces new board members
  11. Greg

    Del Rio

    Just thought I'd share this. Officials confirm death of missing woman
  12. Greg

    DOT Qualcomm

    @FlyingVan "So yesterday with about 25 minutes of driving time left on the clock I went off duty for my 30 minutes break. After 31 minutes I got back on the road, the qualcomm showing that I had 4+ hours of drive time left. Then, after about 5 minutes of driving the qualcomm beeped at me, the...
  13. Greg

    Apps App issues

    Using android phone app. No "like" button available . Unable to quote. Unread count is wrong. Have not tried the share button.
  14. Greg

    Every little bit helps...

    Please consider donating to this very worthy cause. Please share on Facebook to help get the word out. With just a little over 2 months until GATS ( Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, TX , August 25-27, 2016), the Trucking Solutions Group is in full swing taking donations to provide free...
  15. Greg

    Freightliner lay offs to come
  16. Greg

    Road atlas

    I just saw a post about tearing out a page in the road atlas for a state you do NOT want to go back to again. Which page would you tear out? My atlas is missing Colorado.
  17. Greg

    Houston flooding

    Just took hwy 59 north to I 610 north to I 10 east around Houston. No flooding issues. Be safe.
  18. Greg

    April Fuel

    Landstar drivers get 10 points per gallon at Pilot/Flying J in the month of April. You must use Landstar Comdata cards to fuel to get extra points. Plus you still get your discount off the pump price.
  19. Greg

    Big Truck License Plates

    Looks like we are getting some spiffy new plates at LEAM/LS this year. Indiana Landstar tag. Just got mine in the mail.
  20. Greg

    Looking both ways... SFD

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