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    What'd your start up look like?

    I'm starting to get the idea I'm not having the typical experience after having to do: 30+ page application 3 interviews 2 background checks (local police and DHS) drug screening (in a country where some drugs are legal federally) an interview with DHS which is pending full medical/blood test...
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    Vacation/Road Trip Leadin Question

    So I've kinda wondered about something like this. Say you're going on a vacation to like, Vegas or something from east coast and you own a van with a carrier. Do you just grab freight off a load board or something to cover your drive to the destination (that you'd be doing anyway otherwise)...
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    Craziest thing you've ever seen/done on the road. (Working or not)

    Something one of my Sergeants in search and rescue told me is that everyone will have that 'one' experience that will stand out in their head forever. Because it was dangerous, because it was intense, or just because it was odd. Some people even have a few of em. So to keep it simple the...
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    Canada Former hourly driver going O/O

    Evening folks, hope all are well, Been creeping the forums a few days, but apparently Ive got a fleet/carrier O/O contract coming tomorrow so figured it might be a good idea to reach out now. Preface: Im a canadian citizen and the fleet is based in canada so I know a whole bunch of stuff is...