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  1. msams

    Glitches 1/19/21 07:53

    Everything seems to be working now. I will check the logs to confirm but my guess would be that the server was trying to handle too many processes at that time which resulted in yours timing out.
  2. msams


    Hi folks, I appreciate the feedback. The "embedded" jobs were something new we were trying out. I've made an update to the placement of the embedded jobs so that they are only shown to guest users now. Once you're signed in they will not appear.
  3. msams

    New website

    Are you referring to the font size in the post editor or the published post? We bumped the font size for the published posts earlier this week. Also, are you using a phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop? Thanks.
  4. msams

    Empty spaces

    Test post.
  5. msams

    Ongoing Updates

    We are still in the process of upgrading the EO forums so it is possible that you might see some minor display issues over the next few hours. Thank you for your patience.
  6. msams

    New update

    We appreciate everyone's feedback on this. Over the past couple days we've made some updates that will hopefully make the ad bar seem a little less intrusive. The hover triggers have been removed. The ads will now appear only when you click one of the advertisers in the bar. The height of...
  7. msams

    New update

    Hey guys, we appreciate your feedback and are working to diagnose and remedy the scrolling issues that some of you are experiencing. Could those of you that are experiencing choppy scrolling please let us know what web browser and operating system you are using? This will help us to narrow...