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  1. Smithy69

    Cargo Van Owner Operators - Broker

    Ok, so leasing on to a company really isn't going to work for me because I like options and just dealing with one company isn't going to work! I found somewhat reasonable insurance for $1M/$100K to use my own DOT/MC number. What's the best freight broker with reasonable rates/split to get with...
  2. Smithy69

    Cargo Van Panther/ArcBest - New Owner Operator

    Greetings All! Well, I just seen on my last post PANTHER is not the one to lease onto as an owner operator these days, so which top 3 companies with NO TOUCH FREIGHT should I look into for my 2019 Ford Transit 350 High Roof, Extended Cargo Vans? Thank you in advance!
  3. Smithy69

    Newbie Here

    Greeting All! 20 year business owner embarking on my last business venture and this time it doesn't require employees or subcontractors. I'm looking for OTR loads, what's the best company/broker to get with, what's the going rate or percentage and do you make as much intrastate as you would...