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    Companies responding

    Why is it soo difficult for companies to respond to applications or inquiries. Its my understanding that I am a great candidate. However its extremely difficult to communicate with these carriers, and yet they are all in need of O/O's or carrier partners. Thank you for your time on the forum...
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    This swells funny

    My BS meter has been going off ever since I've heard coronavirus. In the past whenever there is an emergency such as this my phone blows up with calls from all of the great people we work with to make sure we are there to haul supplies. After 40 yrs in this business we only received a couple of...
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    Driver retention

    Merry Christmas all, I don't post often. However, i would like opinions on the subject of driver retention. This is a touchy subject . My focus is cargo vans, my o/o are great but i do have some company owned units that basically do the stuff that doesn't pay an o/o enough to take. We pay...
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    Rhode Island to toll TT only

    Being from RI this burns my back side, this is discriminatory at its best however the van driver in me loves it. My son still runs trucks there and is not sure what will happen.
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    Stupid brokers

    Heading home for Easter and I get a call " Hi I'm Erin and I'm new here a the broker, can you drop by and pick this up it pays very well and it not out of the way at all " so she sends it to me and it turns out to be 400 miles away and then comes back from were I'm leaving from but the best is...
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    Tampa area

    Hello all, I'm looking for a carrier strong in the Tampa Fl area. Maybe a recruiter can chime in ??? Thanx Dave
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    Cargo Van Need opinions on van replacement

    I run a 2002 Dodge 3500 van. In our industry it is an antique. BUT she has never let me down I will be loosing my true partner. So I'm looking for a new van any opinion will help me. Thanx