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    Can we get our signature unblocked? TheCraftyTrucker
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    Mechanical Ford transit owners TheCraftyTruckers
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    Kentucky used truck

    I have a friend who bought a used truck in another state. He is trying to do a title transfer in KY but the are trying to say he owes 4K in sales tax before he can transfer the title. Our understanding is that there is no sales tax on commercial vehicles, but rather a use tax that will have to...
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    Facts: powdered alcohol

    Kind of funny hearing him explain how stupid it would be to snort it. I'm sure there are still some idiots that would try. Video: Palcohol Inventor Demonstrates His Powdered Booze | Popular Science
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    Health benefits dog owners

    I thought this was a great read. We have two chihuahua and treat them like family not knowing the give us so much more back.
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    One drink a day

    Heather and I have started this drink from plexus worldwide and have lost ten pound our first two weeks. We will keep you all updated on our progress. If you would like to read about this product google plexus slim to see all the health benefits. They sell a trial pack of 3 and 7 days. If you...
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    Am I correct in thinking this month is the end of the quarter when fuel taxes will be due? This is our first quarter as expediters, and do not fully know the process. Panther calculates this up for us right?