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    Ready for hazmat changes?

    I checked with hazmat dept at Landstar and they are familiar with this, but... It is an OSHA regulation on workplace safety, not a DOT rule for commercial conveyance of hazardous materials. At this point it doesn't appear to change anything related to what we do now, other than maybe be aware...
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    Expediter parking !

    Ok, what's not quite clear from the picture unless you've been there and seen it in person, is that the shelters are for parking horse and buggies for the local Amish folk. You can see one of the buggies peeking out of one shed if you look close.
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    34 hour layover

    FDCC originally was not going to allow any personal conveyance use when they went to the electronic logging. After I got FMCSA to respond about the topic, they decided we had to have some allowance. Some argued for 30 minutes, others for 1 hour (so I've been told), finally compromising at the...
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    It's not all work...

    Hmmm. That big guy in the middle looks suspiciously familiar. I wonder why.
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    Traverse city mi.

    I actually did a pickup in Traverse City a couple of months ago. Won't say it happens all the time, or often at all, but I did do one.
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    Wonder how many trucks were lost to "Carb" rules Jan 1st?

    We run a 2001 Century with a 2000 engine. CARB requirements are a particulate filter upgrade at this time. I picked at random one of the "recommended sources" from their website and sent an email asking for a rough price quote for the upgrade. The dealer quoted over $16K for the kit, not...
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    Illegal search, or stop by PD

    How about this: Q: "Do you have anything illegal in your vehicle?" A: "No." Q: "Then you wouldn't mind if I searched it at this time?" Q/A: "Before I answer that I have to ask, do you have anything in your pockets or on your person that, if you claimed to have found it in my vehicle, would...
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    The Trains are Quiet at the Ontario, CA, TA

    I like trains, and I enjoyed listening to them come by, blowing horns and all. :)
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    Richards fight

    Sorry to hear of your loss. May the Lord receive Richard into His eternal light. A couple of thoughts from someone who has walked that road before: -The only way to walk through the valley of the shadow is to put one foot in front of the other and keep repeating the process. Step by step, as...
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    Ringtones for dispatch

    I don't have a smart phone yet, mine's retarded. Can't do apps.
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    Why do you not use TA/Petro as your primary truck stop?

    I never remember conference calls until they're already over. When we were with FDCC, we used the TA/Petro's almost exclusively for fuel, primarily due to the corporate discount that had been negotiated. It very much worked out for us that it was the cheapest fuel we could get. Because we...
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    Ringtones for dispatch

    At one time we used the "CanCan Dance" because we got so many calls asking "Can you help us out on this, Canya, Canya?" I recently downloaded the hotline phone tone from the In Like Flint movie, but I haven't figured out how to a) convert it to a ringtone, and b) move it from my home computer...
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    That Laredo sitting thingie

    My rule on Laredo was always (after 2 trips) to add 200 miles for the deadhead I knew I was going to make out to San Antonio and if it still paid okay, take the load. Otherwise, I passed. Usually, I passed, as adding 200 miles pretty much killed the all-miles rate for the load.
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    Bridge Strike

    I was always kind of partial to the sight of the city in my rear view mirror. Just sayin'
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    Bridge Strike

    I grew up in a town that has an 11'8" underpass at a railroad. As long as I can remember there have been warning signs before entering the block (and passing the last chance to turn), the street is actually wide enough that I think a T/T could turn around, and it has flashing lights on each...
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    What would you do? Makes me sick just thinking about it.

    2 comments: 1) My wife saw a driver for FDCC (a long time ago, when we were still with them) climb out and pee beside his truck in the front lot at Bordentown Petro. She had me go get the truck number and then she called in and reported him. They agreed that it shouldn't be done, but we don't...
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    Whats the strangest thing you have hauled?

    Not too strange but different: A life-size statue of Tom Hanks dressed as the Conductor for a Polar Express themed Christmas display, going to a mall in Texas. Had some weird "art," too, including an "assemblage" piece that on delivery had to be protected by the museum staff so that the...
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    Whats the strangest thing you have hauled?

    600# of chicken eggs, fertilized and incubated to a specified (can't remember now) number of days. It went to a manufacturing plant in Canada. Pretty weird, but it made sense when the consignee explained it at delivery.
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    So, who's coming to the expo?

    First Expo I've been to since '04, and first one for my wife. All I can say is "what a blast!" The other one I went to was no comparison at all. Thanks to everyone who participated, sponsored, presented, represented, and attended for making the Expo such a wonderful couple of days. I've...
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    A good place to park!

    There's a small truckstop across the river in Phenix City, on US431 just south of the interchange with US280. It's an easy reach from Ft. Benning. Doesn't look like much, but there's plenty of parking if you pull in and look. C-store is so-so, but usually clean, and they have a small TV room...