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    Fed Ex Recruiter?

    I have to say after trying to reach my recruiter, their voicemail isn't the most caller friendly thing I've ever dealt with. Having been in telecom and selling and setting up a goodly number of VM's over the years, I'd say it's probably poorly programmed and not given adequate thought by those...
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    Conway Now

    With a van rather than a Class C or D straight truck, the finances might work out well enough to let the o/o pay on that basis. Despite all the recommendations that newbies drive for someone else for awhile as they learn, the income wouldn't work out for us. Whether it was 60% and I pay fuel...
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    Up Front Costs

    I talked to one O/O about their program, and was told that they paid 60% of the truck revenue to the driver(s), but that driver's were responsible out of that for fuel and tolls. If I remember correctly, they also kept 40% of any fuel surcharges, but I may be mistaken on that point...
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    Communications on the Road

    My wife and I are planning to get into expediting in the near future, and are making plans and gathering information. We've been wondering what cellular phone company has the best nationwide coverage, payments, and service. Who do you use, and what has been your experience with them? Do you...
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    Going from an 18 wheeler to a 6 wheeler.

    I'm not out on the road yet, so don't have a great deal of info but.... While visiting a local guy who builds class 8 expedite trucks (new and used), we rean into a couple who drive for ConwayNow. They were trading in their Class 7 w/ a 96" sleeper for a used Class 8 with factory 70" sleeper...
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    Inside of Box

    Weave: If you use the first foot and a half of a 24' box, do you then list yourself as having a 22' box, since that's the effective capacity of your unit? This is a great idea. I had thought about hanging bikes from the roof of the truck, but this makes even more sense: just build storage...