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  1. JoshM

    iOS and Android EO Forum App Update

    Updates to the iOS and Android forum app have been submitted to their respective markets and the updates will be available on your phone as soon as they are approved by Apple and Google. Here's the changelog if you're curious what the update will bring: If you don't already have it, download...
  2. JoshM

    Forum update today

    We will be doing a forum update at 1pm EST today. We expect a short bit of downtime, and will be monitoring the forums for any bugs or glitches once it is back up. Thank you for your patience.
  3. JoshM

    PSA: Browsing the forums via your mobile phone

    Hello, We are aware that when we upgraded to the new EO, some mobile phone and tablet's default browsers such as Chrome or Safari have visual and functionality issues when browsing the forum and classifieds. We are aware of that problem and are working to correct it. In the meantime, we highly...
  4. JoshM

    EO Code of Conduct for Open Forum

    Code of Conduct The following is the Code of Conduct for members of the Open Forum. This Code of Conduct has been established to create a professional atmosphere in all of our forums. It applies to every member and as a member of our online community you will be expected to...