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    I think we're gonna like it here

    We haven't left the house yet for our first load with our new carrier, but we're already seeing a difference that makes us feel "warm and fuzzy." We've had two messages come across the Qcomm in the past 2 days. One was a request for prayers for a driver's family which had experienced a death...
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    Things that make you go, "What?"

    Date: 8/2 Time: 1707 PM Place: Westbound on I-10 east of Lake Charles, LA, scheduled for delivery on 8/3 in Tucson AZ, approximately 24 hours away. Scene: Q-comm announces a load offer. Upon examination load is for pickup 8/2 at 18:10 PM, in a Los Angeles CA suburb, going to near the LAX...
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    Flashing lights behind me in AZ

    I passed a Highway Patrol car on the shoulder of I-10 east of Tucson yesterday. Pulled over a lane, Check. Speed well under posted, Check. No problem, right? Wrong. A minute or two later he's right behind me, straddling the stripes, flashers going a mile a minute. It seems my mud flaps...
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    Changes at Flying J

    reading the now moved posting about the temporary closing and changes of the restaurant at the Flying J in North Houston reminds me that I haven't seen info on here regarding the general nature of that change. I've been told by managers at some that the J is getting out of the restaurant...
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    Truck Friendly Wal-mart

    I recently stopped at the Wal-Mart in Hope AR and found it to be a truck friendly place. While they do have some barricades to keep trucks out of the main parking lot, there is a special place right next to the "Murphy Express" gas station which is set up especially for trucks. Instead of the...
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    Question for Leo Bricker on fuel cost analysis

    I just read your analysis of diesel price vs cost distributed in the weekly bulletin from FDCC, and if you haven't posted it on the forum here someplace, you should. However, it seems to me there's a missing component. Your example is based on a particular truck run and does calculations...
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    OOPS! It's "4" to Decline

    There's more than one way to make yourself feel dumb in this business. In addition to going the wrong way or to the wrong city (as a recent thread disclosed) how about accidentally accepting a load you didn't want, for example. We're at home, but as of noon 10/1 back in service available. I...
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    The Current Crisis

    Financial "experts" tell us that about 2 weeks ago the economy nearly seized up and shut down. The Secretary of the Treasury and the head of the Fed ran to the President in a panic warning of immanent collapse if emergency measures weren't taken. Since that time the government pumped $85...
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    How to legally cheat your drivers (modified "for the children")

    How to cheat your independent contractor owner/operators in two easy steps: Step 1: Create a freight brokerage company separate from your freight transportation operations. Step 2: Take all orders for shipments through your brokerage company, charging as much as you can get; ship all...
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    FECC's Kennedy Space Center Rip-off

    I just wanted to pass this along to other FECC drivers who are offered loads going to or from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Because KSC gets their mail through a post office zip code in Orlando, all load information related to their location is wrong. Following the city to city routing to...
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    Changes at FECC

    Anybody else heard the broadcast message that says we can now find our own loads, and the company will only keep 15% if the load/customer meets their qualifications? They say we no longer have to cover signs and get our own authority/insurance this way. Any thoughts? BigRed32771
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    CB Contacts

    Raceman has posted several times about using CB's to establish or maintain contact. I've been wondering if we need to start encouraging an "Expeditor's Channel" on the CB for saying hi and chatting as we run. Maybe we could all agree to switch to Ch 17 when we see another Expeditor if we want...
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    First Runs

    Thought I'd post an account of our official introduction to expediting. Picked up our truck in Columbus OH on Jan 28th and headed for Green OH where we would be doing our orientation for FedEx CC. I misremembered the exit for the motel, and wound up getting off one exit farther down the road...
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    Getting Started

    Well, we picked up our truck on Friday and drove it from Columbus to Uniontown OH to get settled in and get ready for orientation for FedEx Custom Critical. Picked up a little over an inch of snow on us Saturday night. Glad we're staying in a motel for now, but did enjoy the novelty of walking...
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    Delay in Getting Started

    Well, we were scheduled to leave in the morning (Wed, 1/19) to drive to Ohio and pick up our truck on Friday so that we could go to orientation at FedEx on Monday. Were, that is, until I got a call from my dealer yesterday telling me that there was no way the truck was going to be ready on...