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    Our Freightliner Nightmare Continues. Your Opinions, Please.

    I have a friend with a 2001 FL XLT with the Cummins N14. He has been very happy recently with a shop called L&N Truck Services in Atlanta (Ellenwood) near the airport. They get him in and out and have been very good to work with he says.
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    *** Class 8's - Fuel Economy ***

    Weave, is your Columbia set up with a factory sleeper or do you have a custom sleeper unit? If custom, what specs and who did the work for you? I'm already planning my second truck, and I haven't even picked up my first yet ('01 FL Century w/ autoshift and factory condo).
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    New Pete 335

    Jay Mott down here in Orlando was experimenting with building expediter trucks out of Pete 387's, but has pretty much given it up. He had difficulty getting Peterbilt to build extended chassis for him, then when they agreed to that they raised the price significantly. They didn't want to make...
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    Magellan GPS

    Recently in an EO article about new driver Broompilot (Kraig Allen), he talked about how valuable he found his Magellan GPS unit. Looks to me like a Roadmate 700 if I'm guesssing correctly. While I like the idea of a standalone GPS, I don't see anything in the literature so far about truck...
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    truck size

    Another Class 8 option is being built by Jay Mott of M&M Trucks in Orlando. He's building expeditor trucks using new Peterbilt 387's as the starting point. Nice rigs, set up with automatic trans, etc. He doesn't do custom sleepers, though, so you're limited to the factory condo unit. He also...
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    Whats the better Truck??? & Why-Opinions/Reasons

    RE: Whats the better Truck??? & Why-Opinions/Reaso My wife and I are planning to get into expediting, hopefully this summer. We just finished a driving class to get our Class B CDL's (still have to take the hazmat written test, though). We've decided to invest, if we possibly can afford it, in...