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  1. Tennesseahawk

    August... blah blah blah

    Blah blah blah. I have nothing to do but work.
  2. Tennesseahawk

    It's July - Is everyone on vacation or something?

    Here it is July 9th, and no one has made a July thread until now. What's going on?
  3. Tennesseahawk

    Colonel's Secret Recipe

    Had to share this with you guys. Chicago Tribune has printed what they say is the secret recipe, which came by way of the Colonel's nephew. Their taste testers say it tastes the same as the bucket.
  4. Tennesseahawk

    Big Truck Question for semi owners...

    How can you explain a 30/70 split for drivers, if you're paying fuel, and a 55/45 if the driver is? Additionally, how can you explain a 30/70 split in a t/t, when straight truck drivers traditionally get a 40/60 split? Let us do the math, shall we? $1.20 x 40% = .48/mi, which is what the avg...
  5. Tennesseahawk

    Moving up...

    Usually, I hear of people moving from bigger vehicles to smaller ones, out of necessity or convenience. However, I know of three people who have moved from vans to straights, and none who have moved from straights to semi. While I have moved to straights, a number of years ago, after dabbling...
  6. Tennesseahawk

    Solar Freakin Roadways!

  7. Tennesseahawk

    Mileage for a solo

    How many miles does a solo straight truck and t/t get in expediting per year? I don't need someone to dig out their sheets... just a rough estimate. I was thinking around 80k.
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    Here ya go, Leo. A little voter info.

    What Are Our Priorities? by Butler Shaffer
  9. Tennesseahawk

    Electronic Logging

    Just wondered who is using it. I love it myself, tho it took me awhile to get used to the "gotta do it now" part. I like that DOT tends not to inspect as much, the trucks that use it. That reminds me... I have to get the stickers saying I log that way. Hope Dora has them.
  10. Tennesseahawk


    After this Richard Sherman thing, where people called him 'thug' or worse, I read an article where someone said white people are using the word as to take the place of the n-word (I really hate using that term, but I'm trying to keep it clean here). I've been using thug for probably 7 years or...
  11. Tennesseahawk

    Democrat officials openly admitting their intent to conficate your guns.

    Only thing more bold is Bush daddy admitting to the New World Order. IMO, these two events go hand in hand. Democratic Official Admits Plan To Confiscate Guns - YouTube
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    Bass Pro Shops

    What is it with Bass Pro Shops and Cabellas, that get the juices flowing? I walk in to BPS, and it makes me feel like doing manly things, like camping, or boating, or shooting crossbow... things that I don't normally think about, let alone have an urge to do. Went with the kids, woman, and her...
  13. Tennesseahawk

    42 people

    Enjoy! :D 42 People You Won't Believe Actually Exist
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    Hawks on the move again!

    Today, the Seahawks traded their 1st round pick (25), one of their 7th rounders, and a mid-round pick in 2014, for Vikings WR Percy Harvin. How are teams supposed to gameplan for them? They have Russell Wilson either throwing to Tate, Sydney Rice, Percy, or Zach Miller; or handing off to...
  15. Tennesseahawk

    Insight on tractor mileage

    For those of you who own, or have owned T/Ts, what mileage tractor do you consider the best bang for the buck? IOW, what range mileage do you look at, considering price, life left on the components, cost and time to repair, warranty, etc? Where is that peak?
  16. Tennesseahawk

    I do not consent to searches

    Well, I finally got to say that today. The DEA showed up, and said someone told them we were growing marijuana in our basement. They asked if they could come in and do a search. I told them... you know. He said I seemed apprehensive. I said no, just that a warrant is what it would take to get...
  17. Tennesseahawk

    Looking for a staghound

    Trying to find a staghound. If anyone knows where I can find a breeder, I'd appreciate it. Most of what I'm finding is in Australia, where they use the name commonly. In the US, it's not usually called that, since it's not a true breed. I'm having a little luck on the boar hunting sites, but...
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    Jesse Ventura's investigation into FEMA camps

    3 parts and 45 mins long. Enjoy. It's only letting me post the first one.
  19. Tennesseahawk

    If I Were the Devil

    Great commentary by the late Paul Harvey. Enjoy. If I Were the Devil by PAUL HARVEY
  20. Tennesseahawk

    Obama just won...

    Better luck next time, neo-cons and RINOs. Try selecting someone with a spine. This election was yours to lose, and you didn't let us down.