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    Fred Reed running for president

    Well, I'm still voting for Gary johnson. If we don't start choosing the alternatives we'll be stuck with the assclowns from the two party system forever.
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    Fred Reed running for president

    spread the word then, instead of saying how they'll never get votes.
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    Fred Reed running for president

    Gary Johnson, or nothing in my opinion. We have more than the two piles of **** the media says we have to choose from.
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    Otter Box

    Weird Moose, try calling again. Perhaps you caught the peon worker on a bad day.
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    We borrowed money from them!

    Artificial inflation of their economy. Its been happening for the last 20yrs. Nothing new.
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    Otter Box

    Otterbox stands behind their products, unlike most companies today. Lifetime warranty and everything, can't really beat that!
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    Before you vote, remember

    Anyone who thinks the two main parties of the country is their only option is a fool.
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    Before you vote, remember

    ^that The only reason he 'has no chance' is because people think they're stuck with a 2 party system. When I fact our country is an open party system, but two parties have emerged on top. There is however a middle ground and it's called libertarian. Views from both sides. Not left or right...
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    Before you vote, remember

    Gary Johnson.
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    Aerodynamic Truck

    So, park at a body shop, drop 10,000$ for a slight hood modification and side skirts. . . I bet a lot of that fuel efficiency increase is also in the tune of the engine.
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    Philly cop strikes woman....come on now

    Some of your comments remind me of this picture.
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    100 Earth quakes reported in California

    BattleStar Galactica anyone?
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    MAN unveils super-streamlined semi truck

    Agreed. ,.,.,,.,.,.,.,
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    MAN unveils super-streamlined semi truck

    If you want aerodynamic, shape your truck after a water dwelling animal. Rounded and sleek. If you don't round the rear end then you're not going to do much good as that's where most of the drag is caused. Making the front of the vehicle more pointed and arrow shaped will do wonders and leave...
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    Lottery winner found dead

    haha, idiot, serves her right.
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    GPS units, which is the best for over the road driving???

    I've used most Trucker GPS specific GPS's in the past. Or at least the ones labeled as such, usually they were just more expensive, difficult to use and non-intuitive. I switched to a Rand McNally trucker specific 710 a while back. I love the **** thing. Set it and forget it, most of the...
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    The world has gone crazy

    Get out, duct tape your license plate, drive through the 'barrier'. Send a bill to the DOT for new paint and windshield.
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    UK soldier unexpectedly gives birth in Afghanistan

    Must have been incredibly fat... or ignorant.
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    iphone 5 Review from a trusted source.

    iPhone - for those who like simple things, and being spoonfed. Android - for those who like to learn new things, love modification and personalizing things. Though apple has improved their iOs, I still don't like it over androids sandbox style system. This is coming from an ex-Apple fan.