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    New and old Candidate

    Kinda fun watching the Hildabeast and Obama the rock star beat each other up with any negative thing they can find. I predict the Democratic convention will be a bloody BS scene with neither one getting enough delegates for the nomination. So what happens next,coming out of Tennesse to save...
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    Defending Liberty over There

    The following Editorial appeared in the Waco TX newspaper this past Monday. I think it is very appro to what faces our country for the future. In the 1930's the United States was isolationist. Most Americans wanted nothing to do with foreign wars. This changed on December 7, 1941 when...
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    EX NY Governor

    Man $4300.00 for a night with a hooker,thats having disposable income.Wonder what he had to pay to have his wife standing next to him when he announced his resignation. These guys are crazy,he had a nice job,good reputation and it's all gone due to cheating on the wife.
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    Expediting and Health

    Over the years I have frequently wondered as to the effect that the expediting industry has on a drivers health. Lets face it,we don't always eat right,sure as hell don't sleep right,push on when exhausted,you get the picture. In addition there is a fair amount of stress that goes along with...
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    Things to ponder

    Just about all of us have had to drive all night to make a 0600 delivery somewhere. So instead of listening to George Norry and Art Bell I thought I would post things to think about. 1 We have been told that the universe came about due to a BIG BANG. Question is who mixed the ingriedents...
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    Cisco T/Stops

    The State of Gorgia has banned diesel and gasoline sales at the two Cisco Truck Stops on I 95 just past the Florida Georgia line . One is at Exit 1 and the other at Exit 6. Inspectors found out that the customers were being shorted 1 quart of fuel for every 5 gallons purchased. This was at...
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    Advantage Medical

    Anybody have any experience with the Advantage Medical Plan offered by OOIDA?
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    More Headlines from 2029

    1 Expediters Online management proudly anounces that the membership is now 25,001 active members. 2 Rumors are going through the EO community that UPS will buy Panther VI. 3 At the July Expo the On time Televison Network broadcat a spirted debate from Tall Cal vs Greg as too the next...
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    Death Road

    Today I watched a program on the History International channel called the Death Road. This is a 90 mile road in Bolivia that goes from a sea level town called Arica to the capitol of Bolivia ,La Paz which is 15,000 feet up. It is mainly a dirt trail that has buses, 10 wheelers, cars etc. If...
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    OVM bails out

    On another site Ken aka OVM posted on Jan 13 th and stated that he has had it with EO due to back stabbing etc and he is now commited to this other site. My response is the old Irish proverb"Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out." Go and tear the USA down over there along with...
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    Female Exams

    EO females should not view this post: One night a man rolls over in bed and gives his wife a big grin. She says" not tonight honey as I have an appointment with my gynecologist tommorow and I want to be fresh and clean for the exam". The man feels rejected and rolls over to try to go to...
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    A plumber comes homw one afternoon and he is all bandaged up from head to toe. His wife says"What happened to you today?" He replied" You know Fred the Farmer out in the country. He called and asked me to look at his hot water heater in his basement as it was not working. He said he wouldn't be...
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    Christmas Carols

    A while back Jamming Jim asked what are your favorite Christmas movies. I listen to Christmas music this time of the year and was wondering if othrs do and what is their favorite carol. I think #1 is" O Holy Night" by Johnny Mathis and #2 is "Silent Night" by Stevie Nicks of the group...
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    Alex Rodriquez

    Today the NY Yankees signed Alex R to a contract that will pay him $275 million over 10 years. There are 162 games in the regular season. If you do the math this works out to $169,753 per game. Assuming Alex averages 5 at bats per game he earns $33,950 every time he steps up to the plate. Not...
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    Long time EO members Diesel Diva and Doggie Dog aka Mary and Gene King are featured along with their ride in a FedexCC advertisement in the latest issue of Expediters Now magazine. Look for them near the back of the issue,bet they made BIG BUCKS for that photo shot.LOL
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    UPS Driver

    A Grandfather takes his Son and his 7 year old Grandson to a horse auction to possibly buy a horse. The Grandfather sees what appears to be a nice mare and asks his son to check out the horse. The son goes into the stall and is checking on the mare by looking in it'mouth and running his hands...
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    Westboro Church

    Today it was announced that the Westboro Baptis Church that likes to disrupt military funerals lost a court case and was fined $11 million. The Father of a Marine that was killed successfully sued those ##### and won for emotional distress and invasion of privavcy. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.
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    Football Novel

    I just finished a great read called "Playing for Pizza" by John Grisham. Usually J Grisham writes legal novels but this one is about a washed up NFL quarterback who winds up with the Parma Italy Panthers in the Italian footbll league. Great story and it also delves into the world of agents. I...
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    Baseball Playoffs

    This is about the only time of the year that I get interested in baseball. Lets vote for who will win the World Series. In the American League we have the Redsox,the Indians,the Angels and the Yankees. In the National League we have the Cubs,the Rockies,the Phillies and the Diamondbacks. I...
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    Well what are the odds that OJ will do hard time?