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    Which State is best to relocate to?

    Me too, come October I'm moving to Fort Myers Beach Florida,already went down there in February and bought a place! :D:)
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    Trucking 101 - YOU ARE GOING TO SIT!

    It's better to drive for an Owner Operator for a while and learn the business. That way you can determine if expediting meets your needs without the expense of buying a truck.:D Sure wish I would have known about this site before I bought my S/T back in 2000:(
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    Trying Hours

    I was also leased on with them and take my advice, Run very fast and far away from them! If you want to know more then P.M. me...........
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    Cdl test

    Sluggo, I sent you a P.M.:D
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    Usually checkout is around 11:00-12:00 the Next day
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    The One's that I've been in Usually won't let you check in until atleast 11:00 A.M. And Cherri's Right, No Matter when they Let you check in Even if it's Only for a Few Hours like you asked about they Charge you the Full Rate....
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    Try Hours: good thing or mistake?

    I would Never go Back There! P.M. me if you want to know Why!
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    How to get OTR Experience?

    Watch those Companies Verrrrrrry Closely! There is at Least 2 Companies that I Know of who will do what you Said, But After getting you the CDL They Make you wait in a Motel or Someplace for weeks at a time at Your Expense to wait for a Phantom Driver/Trainer Hoping that you would get Fed up and...
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    How to get OTR Experience?

    Do you know anyone who Drives Solo? If so, There are Some companies who will let that Driver/Owner Train You which would give you some OTR Experience. However While you are Training, the Company would run you as a Single Until you get your CDL. Atleast that's what a Company did for me when I was...
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    i have question .should i stay or should i go

    If I Were You, I would stay Right where you are for Right Now! I Don't Know if you have benefits or not, But there sure aren't any Out Here Unless You Pay for Them Yourself. Then you have to consider Living on the Road Expenses Which Include Food/with or without a Refrigerator! If You Have a...
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    New and many questions looking for answers.

    Go back to the Forum Page and Scroll down to the Tax Topics Thread, Ask your Questions about the Taxes There, There you should find all your Answers! Yes I would Get an Accountant who is Familiar with Trucking!, And yes, The Drug Test, and Workmens Comp You Have to Pay For! As far as a Driving...
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    Even though I'm Not a Newbie, I couldn't decide where this Should Go! :) Yesteryear, I sent you a P.M.
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    Have a job but No Truck... HELP Please...

    Janette, I Sent you a P.M. :)
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    update on the horrible situation/company I am with.

    You could Also Request a Copy of the Contract from your New Company and Have your Lawyer go Over it "Before" You Sign It!! Any Company who is on the Up and Up Will Do This!! I Have Never Heard of a Company That Doesn't give the Owner a Copy of the Contract Once it's Signed, But apparently You...
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    cdl class B license

    I Don't Know where In Ohio You are From But Up Here in Toledo There is a Place Called Trainco (Actually it's in Perrysburg) who teaches Both Class-A As well as Class-B. When I Taught the Next door neighbor Lady how to drive a Straight she Used Mine which Had a 22 Foot Box on It, But I Did get a...
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    let me know what you think? am I being screwed?

    If you have to give them a 10 Day Notice I would do it, then Take a 10 Day "Vacation" and while on "Vacation" I would Find another Company!!
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    Type 2 diabetes Question

    Correct OVM, But I Have Type 2 and I Have a Two Year Med Card.. I Guess It's Up to The Doctor to Decide how Long your Med card is for???? I'm Not Sure.. Matter of Fact Mine is Up in a Couple of Months so I Guess I'll see if the Powers That be Changed it in Anyway.. Could be a 1 Year on this next...
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    Wannabe Hopeful

    That's where I would start if it was me looking for what you are looking for! All you have at Stake is the Price of a Phone Call! Remember: There is no such Thing as a "Stupid" Question, Have them Ready before you call and I'm sure you will get your answers! :D
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    Wannabe Hopeful

    Check out the Classifieds on this web site for Drivers wanted and Start Making Phone Calls to the Owners and see if they could or would put you in with an Experienced Driver! Then you Might want to Contact some of the Advertisers on here to see if you Found an owner who would be willing to Train...
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    C & M trucking, any input

    I Used to work for them a few years back, But it seemed that we Sat waiting for loads for long periods of time Most of the time.. :D