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    December Locations

    Fort Myers Beach Florida,Moved into my new home on Dec 4th.:D
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    Scale House Question

    A year or two back I took a bucket truck like the kind that the edison uses but just a little smaller, from Toledo to Washington State. At first I started going through the scales but soon got disgruntled and pulled into one and asked the scale master! I gave him my gross and was told that it...
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    September locations

    Let me see..............Ew Ew I got it Ft.Wayne?? :D
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    How do you prepare for winter?

    Uh Huh, A very Smart man Lol :D I'm to the point that I actually despise the cold and snow, But am stuck up here until around Dec.8 because of the late harvest caused by the spring rains:mad:
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    How do you prepare for winter?

    I just go to my winter home in Ft.Myers beach and stay there for the winter. I have a cousin who has a small local expediting business that I'll work part time for till spring, then come back up:D
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    Good, or bad?

    Nah, not right now, I'm just sitting here reading other posts "Some good,Some Bad" But entertaining:D Actually,I've been working the farming thing 12-14, sometimes 16 Hrs. a day 7 days a week and I'm usually too tired to post anything, just need some rest cuz when I get over tired I lose my...
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    Good, or bad?

    Wellllllll Atleast the illegals won't be drowning in the Rio Grande trying to get here illegally! Why swim when you can ride? :eek:
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    Truck stop coupons

    I don't know if anyone is aware of truck stop coupons being available but if you go to www.bigrigbulletin.com you will find quite a few coupons that you can print out. :)
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    Need advice on a 'supposed' seat belt ticket in Texas

    Ahh. There could be a warrant for the measley $185.00 but the pick up radius would be something like Local or surrounding counties..I don't really believe that they would actually extradite him if he gets stopped out of state as it is only a traffic ticket and would be too costly to go get him...
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    World War 2 Veteran Missing in Nevada

    I know this family and hope that he can be found alive and unharmed.:D
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    Possible new oil leak in Gulf

    Yup, Your right, those earth creatures scream about anything they desire for whatever reason(s) they can come up with!:D
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    Possible new oil leak in Gulf

    Nope, It was determined that what caused the mess was sediment that came down and into the Gulf from the Mississippi River and only found trace amounts of petroleum. According to the Toledo Blade news rag:D
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    What about Metro???

    Ok, Thank You :D
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    What about Metro???

    Anyone have a link to the Metro in Michigan?:D
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    Very sad a driver found dead

    I understand what you are saying but I have a question: If they make 65 the cut off age then what's gonna happen when the Feds make it 70 (Like they are talking about) before you can retire? Welfare for 5 years or what?:D
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    I guess you heard...

    Was that a Phillips 66 ?
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    Major snowstorm expected

    Well if your coming back through Ohio and into Michigan, the last I heard at 0700 Hrs. This morning was that we in Toledo can expect 4 inches on Tuesday and about 8-10 inches on Wednesday. The weather lady on Channel 13 also said that these numbers will be changing the closer it gets and we...
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    Sadness for the EO Family

    I don't believe that I have ever had the pleasure to talk to Jeff, But after reading these threads it seems that I missed a great oppourtunity to meet such a great man.. My prayers are with Jeff and his Family.
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    To those who change shower heads

    "A careful shower head changer?" Lol I like that:D
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    To those who change shower heads

    I don't change them,but ya have to admit that "some" of the showers are not the best. There are some that the water doesn't hit "all" the right places unless you stand on your head to rinse all of the soap off, so I can see why the shower heads get changed by some..:D