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    Typical LMAO

    Wall Photos :cool:
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    What's good for everyone else is not good for him!

    Did Obama Pay a Lower Rate Than His Secretary?by Keith Koffler on April 13, 2012, 12:00 pm Updated 1:10 pm ET President Obama paid a total federal tax rate in 2011 on adjusted income of $789,674 that may be lower than that of his secretary, even though she earned substantially less. Obama has...
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    Yup, His fair share alright :(

    Deleted by me because it was incomplete
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    What a dirt bag!!!!

    PresidentDowngrade.com MEET "THE FIRST FAMILY" OF HYPOCRITES TAXPAYER'S SUBSIDIZE OBAMA COLLEGE FUND President Obama and his wife, M00chelle, "gave a total of $48,000 in tax-free gifts to their daughters, according to tax records made public on Friday...." ... "The Obama’s tax return...
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    Obumma hammered for all of his vacations and jetting around :) :)

    Article in www.weeklystandard.com is hammering Your messiah--------again:cool: He conveniently sidestepped the issue talking about how he's trying to raise a family, Bullhockey, Lets make him a stay at home dad in November! That way he and Moochelle can raise their family
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    Why Dems Hate Voter ID..

    Check t out as www.wnd.com/2012/04/whydems-hate-voter-id Kinda says it all about the jock straps calling themselves Democrats!:mad: Just makes it easier for Voter Fraud that doesn't exist:rolleyes:
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    Congress flooded with calls to probe Obumma :)

    according to www.wnd.com Congress is flooded with calls to probe ObummaQ! Hopefully they will do their jobs and check into this Illegal Alien and REMOVE his sorry butt!!!!:cool: Do you think they will "Finally" do their job and check into him?:rolleyes:
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    Should Obumma be impeached?

    Go to www.infowars.com and click on the link obumma impeachment 2012! What do ya think?
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    Luckily it got shot down

    According to www.dailypaul.com Obumma tried to put into his garbage health care a law that would require RFID chips for everyone! This is just "One" of many things the Closet Muslim is up to! Luckily, it was "Shot down"!:mad: That's If what Paul said is true!! Do ya think this is true????
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    Do we need a voter I.D.?

    A report from www.visiontoamerica.com man obtains Eric Holders ballot just by asking for it. No I.D.Required. Guess we don't need no **** I.D.s:rolleyes:
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    Do you think he will sign it!

    a report from www.wnd.com says that a lawmaker in Virginia urges the Governor to sign a Detention Prevention bill. You think he'll sign it? Also keep in mind that the Governor was appointed by the Illegal Alien in chief to the Council of Governors
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    The fix is in

    According to www.conservativebyte.com Obumma has alledgedly fixed the upcoming election. Not surprising with this administration!! "If" this is true then we are ALL Screwed.:mad: Scroll down to bottom of page, click on older posts after the screen shows, then scroll down to the article:)
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    More nonsense from the dumocratic party

    www.godfatherpolitics.com reports that the dumocratic party has threatened to Boycott Coke and Walmart because they support an organization that wants picture IDs to vote.The Dumocrats are trying to make the picture ID to vote a racial one:rolleyes: Go to the website, scroll down to bottom and...
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    Osama Obama's eligibility has to be addressed!

    An article at www.wnd.com says that a lawmaker and a sheriff in New Jersey want Obumma's records unsealed to put to rest Obumma's eligibility. Read it for yourself!:rolleyes:
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    Whitehouse embraces tax cuts------In China

    According to an article in www.visiontoamerica.com the Whitehouse embraces Tax Cuts to Spur the Economy---------In China! Hmmm Wonder why the Imam in Chief won't do it here instead of raising taxes? Guess it wouldn't fit into his agenda!:mad:
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    Another Obumma backed green energy plant bancrupt!

    www.cowboybyte.com reports that "Another" one of Obumma's green energy has filed for bancruptcy! Makes me wonder just how many more of his programs are going to fail:mad:
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    Where's Loud Mouths Al and Jesse?

    According to www.katu.com 7 boys arrested for hate crimes when they attacked a hispanic male who was walking home from school beat him down, kicked him in the head and calling him racist remarks! Go to the website, scroll down to the bottom, the article is hidden in the box!:mad:
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    Anyone heard of the 2nd Amendment battle in Athens tenn.

    Anyone ever hear of the 2nd. Amendment Armed Revolt of Athens tennessee which reportedly happened in 1946? My mistake, It wasn't a battle it was a revolt!!!!
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    Did Obumma commit treason?

    Did Obumma commit treason? go to www.conservativebyte.com You be the judge!And "If" he did, then what do you think the consequences should be? Wouldn't surprise me a bit!:mad:
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    YOUR President

    YOUR President is coddling Illegal Aliens at the new detention facility located In Texas according to www.cnsnews.com :mad: